Jennifer Freitas

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Charlotte’s Web Spins Tale of Friendship

Charlotte's Web didn’t bring me to tears, but really did allow me to reflect on life and the value of friendships, through Wilbur’s realization of just how much his multi-legged friend had done for him. The radiant, yet humble pig really does remind us of the value of honouring our friendships, a great lesson for young and old....
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Pure & Local Holiday Gift Guide

The seasonal—and sometimes stressful—gift-giving time of year is upon us. But relax! This time of year is about spreading love and joy, not dollars and cents—don’t let any commercials lead you to believe otherwise. Nevertheless, exchanging a gift with a friend, family or lover is one of the most joyful things to do, so embrace the season and put some thought in to it....
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Pure & Local: Rose Water

Rose water is my favorite of all hydrosols, or floral waters, and with good reason. Gentle, with many skin-enhancing benefits, it can help hydrate, refresh, soothe and even cleanse your skin. Plus it smells simply divine!...