Pure & Local: Rose Water

Jennifer Freitas

I am often asked if a toner is a necessary step in a skin-care routine, and my answer is a resounding yes! Toners are multi-purpose and beneficial in a variety of ways. However, not all toners are created equal. For example, more astringent toners are better for oily skin. So, do your homework, and keep reading, as I will tell you all about rose water!

Rose water is my favorite of all hydrosols, or floral waters, and with good reason. Gentle, with many skin-enhancing benefits, it can help hydrate, refresh, soothe and even cleanse your skin. Plus it smells simply divine!

The many benefits of natural toners are explained with a little science! Naturally, our skin maintains a pH of 5.5, but when you cleanse this balance can become disturbed due to the alkaline ingredients in most cleansers. Natural toners like rose water help to restore your face’s pH balance to 5.5.

Rose water is a natural humectant, meaning it attracts and keeps your skin moisturized! Give yourself a spritz after you have cleansed and apply your moisturizer right after – you will notice the difference right away and enjoy more dewy, hydrated skin.  You can also use rose water to refresh your skin if you are in a hurry and can’t actually cleanse. It will remove dirt, grime and oily residue, leaving you feeling clean and refreshed.

This simple, one ingredient product might seem to good to be true, but simple is often best, especially when it comes to skincare. However, rose water has so many other uses that this vanity staple can contribute to your well-being in other ways.

You can use it in the shower as a hair rinse – it will condition and add shine. Plus, your hair will smell gorgeous for hours afterwards! It is also amazing for toning down puffiness and discoloration: soak some cotton pads with rose water and leave them on your eyes for about five minutes, and you will look well-rested.

You can also use rose water as an aftershave due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties. It calms down red and irritated skin. Another favourite use of mine is to use it as a linen spray. Rose has long been used as an aphrodisiac – it’s romantic, sexy and unforgettable, so spray some on those sheets!

Rose water is sublime. It’s naturally full of antioxidants and provides hydration thanks to the natural sugars contained in rose petals. It will soften fine lines, brighten your skin and leave it feeling plush and healthy. Plus, you can’t beat the scent of fresh roses.