Melissa Embury, Editor in Chief

Care Lucas, Publisher

Kurtis Rideout, Advertising Manager


The Community Edition has loads of volunteer experiences. Whether you’re looking to write, edit, take photos, work on design and/or production, manage social media or work on this (incredibly witty) website, we’d love to have you.

We don’t pay, but what’s money when you’re improving community media and civic dialogue? Who needs cash when you get a whole new team of other writers who can be your friends! …Right?

Wrong. We know it’s a problem that we cannot pay contributors, and wish it were otherwise. As a matter of principle, people should be paid for their work, and not paying means we’re only getting contributions from people who can afford to work for free. This undermines our mission to be by and for the community. We’re going to keep working hard to reduce barriers to contributing, and to be a deeply inclusive publication. To that end, we’d love to hear from you about how to do this better.

Still want to be involved? Not ready for a commitment? Feel free to suggest a column topic, write a single story, submit a photo or point us in the direction of juicy news.