Charlotte’s Web Spins Tale of Friendship

Jennifer Freitas

Leelind Keary

When I heard that the Registry Theatre downtown Kitchener was performing an adaptation of Charlotte’s Web, I jumped at the opportunity to take my six-year-old twins. The wisdom in the tale resonating with me, even when I was young.

My six-year-olds haven’t been to many plays or theatre performances, so I was a little apprehensive. Would their attention hold for the hour-long play? However, as soon as director and producer Amy Neufeld greeted us, and in such a fun and friendly way (she helped us all get our wiggles out), I knew we were in for a treat!

The play had a small cast of six actors. This meant numerous costume changes, which were done seamlessly, and it seemed that no children in the theatre noticed–a real testament to the skill of these fine actors!

Anna Maste, playing the role of the ever-giving Charlotte, leads the production and her cute little friend, Wilbur, played by a very talented Sonja Malton, helps her tell the familiar tale of the runt who becomes a country superstar with a little help from his barnyard friends.

The production really nailed it, hitting all humourous and heart-wrenching high points that I remember. While it didn’t bring me to tears, it really did allow one to reflect on life and the value of friendships, through Wilbur’s realization of just how much his multi-legged friend had done for him. The radiant, yet humble pig really does remind us of the value of honouring our friendships, a great lesson for young and old.