Pure and Local: Seasonal skin care

Jennifer Freitas

I heard some good news this morning – we have more winter behind us than we have in front of us. I can hear the sighs of relief. However, we still need to be mindful of the cold, dry weather that continues to surround us – at least for a little while longer.

Winter gives us the quest for hydration — chapped skin, flare-ups of eczema and rashes, even wrinkles and fine lines appear more prominent. Unfortunately for us, this is also the time when our bodies slow down. In order to achieve the moisture, circulation and cellular turnover that we know keeps us gorgeous, we have to work a little harder to make it happen.

Sweating helps bring oxygen and nutrition to your skin, lifts your mood, and lowers stress. Sweating also stimulates the natural release of oil (sebum) that is necessary for moist, plump skin and healthy scalp.

Avoiding the sniffles is a bonus of supporting your immune system, but vitamins like C and D are also imperative for good skin health. Immuneboosting Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory effects, perfect for sensitive skin, which seems to be more sensitive in the winter. Add a slice of lemon to your water, the anti-oxidants will also help stimulate liver enzymes keeping you detoxed. Don’t forget your minerals either. A staple of mine is zinc, which is essential for collagen formation, tissue healing, helps regulate oil production and fights inflammation and redness.

Extra moisturizing in the winter isn’t enough to replace a diet that hydrates from within. I seriously don’t go a day without eating an avocado! Not a fan of this creamy, green goodness? Try nuts or fish. Walnuts, in particular, are a great plant source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for protecting skin and hair from harsh winter weather.

In the colder months it is good to take stock of what products you are using. Due to drier air, it is wise to use a cream cleanser to wash or even try oil cleansing. Foam cleansers, natural or not, can dry out your skin. Try adding a toner to your repertoire (they make them for men too). Products containing rose water or green tea are good choices. Lastly, be sure to be hydrating with a day cream, lock that moisture in, and a night cream is a necessity. Natural ones are best, as you want to be feeding your skin antioxidants and vitamins and not just wrapping your skin with a petroleum laced film. Consider adding a face serum too. Straight up oil, like Rosehip will provide some extra skin softening hydration.

These suggestions don’t need to be hasty resolutions, but rather intentions to be mindful of. Each day make a beautifying choice, incorporate them into your daily rituals and don’t get thrown off by the frustrations the winter season may throw at you.

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