What Happens in Vegas Happens in KW

“What happens in Vegas” will no longer be staying in Vegas, thanks to KW Little Theatre’s latest upcoming production. What Happened in Vegas, an original play written and directed by KW local Rob Card, will be opening in late September.

This latest production is no typical story of a couple trying to elope to Vegas. According to Card, the play depicts what happens when the friends and family of the couple attempt to help out with the wedding.

“Somehow amnesiacs, secret agents, and international smugglers get involved and things go from bad, to worse, to crazy,” Card said. “It’s fun and light and you’ll want to see it a few times to catch all the little things going on.”

While the first draft for What Happened in Vegas was written in about one week, Card was able to fully perfect it thanks to the help of KWLT’s workshops.

Card, who has also written and directed a variety of plays such as The Interview and The Tailor Made Prince – A Comedy of Heirs, got into writing at a very young age.

“I’ve always been a writer. I started writing when I was 16,” Card said. “Yet it took 20 years of writing before I felt comfortable putting things out to the public, I’ve also always loved theatre, so it was natural to get into playwriting.”

Card first began playwriting by writing little skits, and worked his way up to writing one acts pieces, before starting to write full length shows.

Now having lived in KW for 20 years, Card originally came here for university.

“I stayed here for two main reasons: I met my wife here, and I met the great community that is KWLT,” Card said. “They are always welcoming and a great place to…play.”

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