Start-up watch

Kurtis Thomas

This city has an undeniable talent for attracting tech start-ups, and tech lovers world-wide are paying more and more attention to our region. Because of this, TCE is launching “Start-up Watch,” a series featuring what the best and brightest technical minds are creating in the region’s backyard.

Mission statement: giving one billion people the tools to live a happier healthier life.

What if you could track your emotions on a day-by-day basis, and then use that information to become a happier person at work? The vision of a happier workplace, and consequently life, is what drives the team at Plasticity Labs. By tracking your engagement, goals, and influences, their product aims to make you more mindful, present, and aware of the things you want to achieve in life. By measuring employee engagement and feedback, workplaces will be better equipped to ensure employees are happy, satisfied, and finding fulfillment in the work they do.

Mission statement: discover talent for your next event and do social good.

For up and coming performers, getting your name and talents known can be a struggle. For event planners looking to book said performers, sifting through the internet and finding the right talent is a daunting task. SparkGig aims to remedy this situation for both performers and event planners alike. They’ve created a network where performers can list their talents (everything from emcees, to dancers, to harpists) and become found more easily by those people looking to hire them. But SparkGigs’ benefits don’t end there. For every booked gig, a percentage of the funds collected will go directly to charity.

Mission statement: to be the world’s most accurate location intelligence company where businesses can discover, validate, and grow new sites with ease.

When a business wants to expand or relocate to a new location there are dozens of factors to consider. What real estate is available and is it in a desirable location? Does my target demographic live close and what competitors already exist in the area? PiinPoints’ software will answer these questions and more by compiling relevant analytics in their easy-to-use software. This accumulated information allows brokerages, retailers, and developers to make quick, informed, buying decisions, and feel comfortable knowing their new investment is a strategic (and profitable) one.