ALBUM: Selfie Absorbed by The Potholes 


In the mid ‘70s, punk music was formed from bands who rejected the mainstream rock scene, and created a music genre to claim for themselves. Punk fans in Kitchener-Waterloo have never really had to look far for their anti-establishment fix, as the punk/hardcore scene has always been a recognizable scene in the Region. 

Hometown punk band The Potholes were formed in 2009. The trio consists of Ryan Grzesiak (vocals/guitar), Mark Rudnisky (drums), and Mark Sasiela (bass). They released their debut album in 2010, and just last year, they released their latest effort titled Selfie Absorbed. Not a “new tune” per se, but the guys have been going strong ever since. 

The album is a 14 track package, that will not disappoint. The song “First World Problems” is a classic sounding Punk anthem. It’s reminiscent of bands like Pennywise, Millencolin and Propagandhi. It’s a high energy tune, that has a heavy funk, Chili Peppers vibe. The song builds from fast paced chords to slow heavy breaks throughout. 

Another stand out track is “Line Up.” Again, the members of the band show the heavy influence of the pioneers before them. Packed with clean harmonies and tight sounding fills, bands like Bad Religion and The Descendents come to mind. Not to mention the prominent guitar solo, which can sometimes be unfortunately forgotten in today’s punk rock

You can also check out The Potholes’ video for “Outside The Box.” The song paired with the visuals shows the bands ability to rock out, and have fun doing it. If you’re a true punk fan, and live in KW, then check out The Potholes on their socials, as well as bandcamp, iTunes of Google Play. 

Cameron Hoddle, Local DJ