Have you ever wanted a second chance at something? Well, Jupiter retrograde might be your window of opportunity.   

In astrology, the planet Jupiter brings good fortune and expansion. The Roman god Jupiter, traditionally depicted as male, was adopted from the Greek god Zeus and the myths associated with him.   

Zeus was believed to be the youngest and wisest of the six children of Cronus and Rhea, the rulers of the cosmos.    

Zeus rose to rule both the heavens and kingdom of gods.  As king, he has all his desires met. He is bound only by the limitations of his own kingdom, which is constantly trying to expand. When he was adopted by the Romans, he was depicted as a generous king, who shares his wealth with us mortals. He embraces diversity, values education and philosophy and will defend anyone wanting to be in alignment with the laws of the universe.   

Jupiter spends approximately one year in each zodiac sign. It brings luck, expansion, indulgence, wisdom and leaps of faith .   

Since May 17 of this year, Jupiter has been in Taurus. Here Jupiter is preoccupied with material wealth, stability, investment and pleasure. We had opportunities to invest in what we believe in and create a good foundation for steady growth. And, in case we missed those eye-opening moments, its retrograde motion will help us to see them more clearly.   

From Sep. 4 to Dec. 31, Jupiter will move in a retrograde motion, where it will essentially backtrack into the sign of Taurus. While it is in retrograde , we will gain insight, both individually and collectively, into missed opportunities that have crossed our paths since Jupiter has been in the sign of Taurus.   

The key to using the Jupiter in Taurus retrograde to our advantage is to build on our highest hopes while moving slow and steady. After its retrograde, Jupiter will move through the sign of Taurus again. This time, however, we can have the wisdom to move forward and make those opportunities a reality just before it leaves the sign of Taurus for another twelve years on May 25, 2024, when it enters the sign of Gemini.   

In order to see where these Taurean opportunities are presenting in your life, it is helpful to identify your ‘rising sign’ or ascendent.  

Below I’ve offered some insight to how this Jupiter retrograde in Taurus might affect you based on your rising or sun sign. And, to help you fade into wistful nostalgia about what could have been, and what still could be, here is a cosmic mixtape


You likely have seen or will see some opportunities, or you have had to take some investment risks to set some seeds for your future. Rest assured these are all in good faith, and this retrograde will help to confirm that for you.  


You may have gained some authority or public attention this year. Your enlightened outlook has pushed you into the limelight, and this may feel out of your solitary comfort zone. Take this retrograde to look at how this newfound glory could be an opportunity to remake yourself. 


You may have felt confined by your urge to expand and explore the world around you. The feeling of being held back may have haunted you this year, forcing you to understand your emotional landscape and possibly bringing spiritual insight. Expect some glimmers of hope to come your way during this retrograde.  


Your friendships have gained new meaning this year. You have expanded your understanding of the people and communities with which you want to surround yourself. Fortune has brought you some exciting possibilities for connection and kinship.  


It’s time to celebrate what you’ve accomplished—the fruits of all your labour are starting to reveal themselves. It’s likely that this year has felt that way, but this retrograde will bring you more insight into what fruits have yet to be cultivated. Keep your dreams big and you’ll likely manifest your wildest ones.  


You have been urged to share your long percolated and tactfully articulated ideas to the world. Jupiter is asking you to put yourself out there, but also to explore and adventure. You’ve been working hard on something, and it’s ready to be released so you can find new inspiration.  


You’ve been caught up in other people’s investments and entanglements this year. This transit has asked you to unstitch what is yours and what is not. Although this may come easy for you, you’ve probably felt stretched thin. Expect some opportunities to be revealed in the needlework. 


Relationships have been centre stage during this transit. You are gaining insight into which partnerships serve you and which do not. Jupiter is urging you to purge all that is weighing you down to make room for some possibilities that may require a leap of faith. 


Your daily routine has been pushed outside of your comfort zone this year. Jupiter has opened up possibilities in the small details of your life. Look at where you can work small and dream big, and the sky’s the limit.  

You are on the precipice of showing who you really are to the world. Taking risks on love and self-expression has been the theme of this year. There may have been setbacks, but leaning into true self -expression and risks taken in the name of love is what Jupiter ordered. 


Personal growth has been the theme of this year. You are cultivating people, things and places that feel like home. Keep your eyes open for what your deepest self wants to discover; it’s time to remember who you are.  


A new skill you’ve been developing will become clear over the next few months. You’ll likely be setting seeds for some long-term close friendships where you can share your knowledge with each other.   


Elfie Kalfakis is an artist inspired by mythology, play, the occult and consciousness. Her work is multidisciplinary, intuitive and uses mediums such as, but not limited to: collage, film, illustration and street art. She aspires to use her artwork as a means of breaking down stigmas and barriers within popular culture towards metaphysical concepts and has a passion for female empowerment, mental health advocacy and understanding the collective unconscious.