For centuries, Western astrologers have believed that the movements of the planet Jupiter relate to ideas of expansion, philosophy, bold wisdom and flamboyant power—traits of the deity known to the Romans as Jupiter.

Traditionally male, he was adopted from the Ancient Greek idea of Zeus, who was also a version of Odin (a Norse god) and related to gods from other cultures such as the ancient Egyptian sun god Ammon and Indra, Hindu god of the gods, heavens and lightning.

Around once a year, the planet Jupiter, with all its collective meanings, moves into a different zodiac sign. This year, Jupiter will enter Taurus from May 16, 2023 to May 25, 2024.

Taurus operates in the physical realm and is traditionally the sign of the bull. Jupiter spent the last few

months in Aries, where it inspired us. When it arrives in Taurus, we will want to create and build those new ideas. Taurus also likes to celebrate our values, traditions and steadfast devotion. Because Jupiter will not find itself in Taurus for another 12 years, this is an astrological moment where foundational principles are laid for the decade to come. Jupiter in Taurus suggests a new cycle of growth, giving and receiving.

Depending on where Taurus is found in your astrological birth chart, this can have different effects in your life. Individually, we can assume that new attitudes relating to our wealth, sensuality, and physical body are on the horizon. Collectively, it’s a moment to bring change in how we connect to the physical world, our distribution of wealth and likely some institutional traditions.

To help you understand how this may affect you personally, some words of wisdom based on your sun and rising signs are below. And to get your physical body dancing, here is a cosmic mixtape of songs that embody Taurus ideals or that debuted while Jupiter was in Taurus.


Expect to embody a more jovial and indulgent attitude that will lead to lots of opportunities. This month, you’ll be having a great time and your face won’t be able to hide it.


You might be feeling a little overwhelmed by loose ends you forgot to tie or stuck in a bad mental cycle. Take some time to quiet your mind this month in order to alleviate the tension.


Expect some cosmic electricity in your social circle. You’ll be making a lot of meaningful friendships and forging strong connections with people this month.


Expect to reach some long-term goals this month. The recognition or achievements you may have felt were out of reach will seem a lot closer or become a reality soon!


You’ll want to expand your horizons this month. Expect a newfound sense of adventure that will take your often practical and careful approach for a ride.


Expect to find some new resources available to you this month. Finances and where they are moving will be the focus, and there will likely be new investment opportunities to discover.


New partnerships will be blossoming and expanding. Expect new opportunities, commitments and support systems to blossom from your relationships.


You’ll be feeling a little unfettered this month and will crave new experiences. Things will feel a little dull, and you might want to plan a long hike or a short trip to satisfy your urges.


You’re going to want to take a leap of faith and invest your most heartfelt efforts into things this month. Funnelling some of that energy into creative projects will be helpful.


It feels like you’re entering a new adventure within yourself. You will be finding home in new places and nurturing your inner landscape with new experiences.


You’ll be finding inspiration everywhere this month and forming new close relationships. Keep track of all your new ideas and keep the lines of communication between yourself and others open.

ARIES Some new financial resources and investments might be made this month. You’ll be feeling generally more confident, which may also lead to some more opportunities.