Autumn marks the end of the growing season in the northern hemisphere. For the many of us who follow the natural rhythms of the year, this is traditionally a time when we celebrate this year’s harvest and the end of another season of growth. This could be as pedestrian as bringing your plants indoors or switching out your summer clothes for those heavier garments, or as significant as or closing a personal growth cycle from the insight we gained in the past year. And although this time of year is traditionally imbued with endings, fall 2023 has a significant number of other astrological transits that will only build on this tradition.   

Wedged in the middle of this time of year is what astrologers call Scorpio season, when the sun enters the constellation Scorpio between Oct. 23 and Nov. 22. Scorpio energy holds ideas of death, transformation and rebirth. It marks a time where we can take all the unnecessary bits of the year and create a lovely compost for the metaphoric soil we’ll be hibernating in over the winter. These inner planets are the closest to Earth and offer the most direct impact on our day-to-day lives.   

With three major cosmic bodies in Scorpio, we can anticipate an excellent atmosphere to bring any cycles to an end and transmute that energy into something that can grow a new bounty for the year to come.  We also have the last eclipse season of the year occurring between Oct. 14 and Oct. 28 in the signs of Libra and Taurus, respectively. Each year, the eclipses offer insight into our larger universal purpose. These eclipses have a flavour and highlight aspects of our lives dictated by the signs in which they happen. For the last two years eclipses have been occurring in the signs of Scorpio and Taurus. Over the course of this year, we have been shifting into a new phase of eclipses that will occur over the next couple of years. On Oct. 28, we will experience the final eclipse in Taurus, bringing some closure to a cycle that began in spring of 2021.   

To complicate this, Mars will be forming an opposition to the moon during this transit.  This opposition will make us a little moody and probably a little impulsive. These transits can help us act and pursue our deepest desires, but, with the eclipses, you can anticipate them to have cosmic consequence. In short, expect some big, dramatic shifts and endings this month. To help you temper the impact of these transits, I’ve offered you some guidance based on your sun and rising signs below, along with another cosmic mixtape to help put you in a sombre mood for October.


Expect some conflict relating to intimacy or shared resources during this eclipse season. You can hide and ignore this transit, but, although it’s daunting, this may be a great time to resolve conflicts while Mars is on your side. 


It may be nearly impossible to avoid personal conflict this eclipse season, with Mars highlighting your closest relationship. The key to resolving conflict is to play fair and be respectful while also voicing your concerns. 


If you’ve had a hard time getting motivated to clean your space or tackle any unhealthy routines, this eclipse season may ignite those changes. You’ll be compelled to take care of the loose ends keeping you from completing your day-to-day routines.   


Your creative and romantic energy will be in the driver’s seat this month. You’ll want to pursue that which excites you most, and you’ll likely want to have it your way. Exercise some patience and compromise so you can go for it. 


Expect some noise and conflict arising amongst family and at home this month. If there are things you have been putting off in this realm, this month will grant you the opportunity to clean up those messes.   


Diplomacy will not be your strong suit this month. However, if you can find a way to keep your temper in check, you’ll find yourself having conversations that can help clear the air. 


Conflicts will arise regarding your assets and investments this month. On the upside, if you’ve been trying to muster up the courage to initiate a new financial endeavour or a personal investment, an opportunity might present itself. 


You’ll be feeling very impulsive and motivated, along with some pent-up anger or frustration, either your own or from others. This is a perfect time for you to learn how to stick up for yourself while also being mindful of your impact on others.   


Expect some big insights into all the parts of you that may be holding you back. Mars will reveal some of your weaknesses and demons this month. Be careful not to spiral into picking on yourself but instead find a way to tackle these parts and learn how to move forward.   


Mars may bring conflict with friends or associates but will also help you air out any grievances you may be having. On the flip side, it’s a great time to initiate and take the lead of a new project, and this leadership position may turn some heads.   


Although it may seem audacious, you might be presented with an opportunity that could catapult your career into new waters. You’ll be asked to blaze a new trail and do the impossible thing.   


You’ll be asked to fight for what you believe in through your actions this month. Taking on a task that seems daunting for the greater good will be a theme for you during this eclipse season.