The TCE Cosmic Relief Illustrated Astrology Chart made for the July edition. This month's version features chromatic balloons, embroidered lightening, and the power of the Tarot.


I love esoteric study because of its infinite correspondences to traditions, archetypes, and mythologies. I see it as an intricate web of connections that can offer us personal wisdom and insight—you just need to find the system and language that connects the dots for you. July brings us a powerful cosmic connection with the Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus. On July 25, these two planets align, bringing an influx of intense energy.   

In Roman mythology, Mars is the god of war, symbolising courage, aggression, and assertiveness. Traditionally the ruler of our collective desires and ambitions, in astrology, Mars is our inner warrior that helps us to assert ourselves in the world. It is the part of us that is bold, can face challenges head-on and stands up for what we believe in. In the Tarot, Mars is linked to the Tower card, which depicts a tall structure being struck by lightning, causing it to crumble and fall. It is the breaking down of old foundations, and the release of pent-up energy.   

In Greek mythology, Uranus is the sky god who ruled over the heavens and was responsible for the sudden shifts that came from above. Astrologically, it is the planet of innovation and rebellion that disrupts the status quo and pushes us to break free from outdated structures. Uranus inspires us to embrace change, think outside the box and seek liberation from constraints. In the story of the Tarot, Uranus corresponds to the Fool card.

Photo of two tarot cards, the Tower and The Fool, laid face up side by side on a white background.
The Tower and The Fool  in the 1909 Rider–Waite tarot deck 

When Mars and Uranus come together in a conjunction, the energy is nothing short of electrifying. This alignment happens every two years, this year in the sign of Taurus. Now is the time to let go of structures that no longer serve us, even if it means facing some upheaval. The energy may feel intense and unpredictable, but it also opens the door to exciting new possibilities.   

Collectively, we can expect changes in areas related to security, finances, and personal values. It could prompt us to reevaluate our relationship with material possessions and how we find comfort from them. It may also ask us to confront stubborn habits or rigid structures that have reached their expiration date. While Taurus energy prefers stability and routine, the influence of Mars and Uranus can push us out of our comfort zones, urging us to embrace change and adaptability.  

If there is an area of your life where you feel stuck or constrained, this may be the jolt needed to move forward. Be mindful of impulsive decisions, but do not shy away from taking calculated risks. Embrace change, innovate, and let your inner warrior lead the way with Taurus’ perseverance. It is a call to balance the desire for security with the need forevolution. Trust that the universe is guiding you toward growth and liberation.  

To understand where these shifts might occur, below are some words of wisdom based on your sun and rising signs. As always, here is another cosmic mixtape that is illuminated by artists with a Mars-Uranus conjunction in their birth chart to help you navigate the unpredictable vibes this summer.   


Financial breakthroughs and innovative ways to increase your income are on the horizon. Be open to unconventional methods of securing your material resources.


Embrace a bold fresh look or revamp your personal style, as this conjunction ignites your desire for change. Unexpected events may push you to assert your individuality more strongly.   


Deep and transformative insights can emerge from within, prompting you to release old patterns and embrace spiritual renewal. Use this time for introspection and healing. 


Friendships and group activities may experience exciting changes, leading to new connections. Be open to unconventional social circles and community projects. 


Career and public life are set for innovative changes during this conjunction. Take bold steps in your professional life and embrace leadership role. 


You may have a breakthrough in your beliefs and worldview this month. Embrace spontaneous travel or studies that broaden your horizons. 


Intense changes in your shared resources are on the horizon. Expect some deep psychological insights and be prepared for breakthroughs in intimacy. 


Partnerships and close relationships may undergo significant transformations. Embrace new ways of relating and be open to unexpected collaborations. 


Shake up your daily routines and health habits with some innovative approaches.It is a great time to make changes that help your well-being and efficiency at work. 


Creative projects and romantic pursuits will be unpredictable. Take risks in expressing your talents and passions and explore unconventional avenues in love. 


Home and family dynamics may experience sudden shifts, prompting you to create a more secure and comfortable living space. Embrace changes that bring emotional freedom and stability. 


Sudden insights and new ideas can impact your communication this month. Stay flexible as unexpected news or changes in your immediate environment occur.