Juliana Gomez

Rising Musician: JoJo Worthington

Winner of the Leading Edge Award at the 25th Arts Awards Waterloo Region, JoJo Worthington may well be the next big musical act coming out of Waterloo Region. I caught her as the opening act of Craig Cardiff’s December 17 show at Queen Street Commons....

Uber finds success in disruption

Uber, an app which connects drivers with ride-seekers and facilitates online payment has gained world-wide popularity. However, it’s this same popularity that has stirred the startup and brings forward questions of sustainability in disruptive innovation....

Juliana Gomez

Born in Colombia, raised in Waterloo and aged in Ottawa, France and Singapore, Juliana found a sense of community in KW that she thought was only possible between smelly travellers at hostels in the middle of nowhere. She's not actually that old but aged seemed like an appropriate word in that sentence.