The Community Edition is getting a makeover

Time and time again, Waterloo Region has shown the Community Edition an unbelievable amount of support. There was the time that you helped us raise $12,000 so we could keep printing or the time 300 of you joined us on a train even when we refused to tell you what would be on it, or the time you showed us your post-bar Kramer impression at Night\Shift. So after months of courtship, we figure it’s about time for us to put out.

This holiday season, the Community Edition is giving you the gift of eye-pleasing community media. We’re sorry that you missed the hilarious makeover montage but those suck anyway. In true Sandy Olsson fashion, we’re starting our makeover with a name change. The Cord remains an important part of our story but we want to be clear that we’re the Community Edition, made by community members for community members.

We’re also getting a sexy new look but because we love animals there’s no leather pantsuits in our makeover. Instead we’re getting really sexy, really luscious… new fonts. Yeah, these fonts will tease and entice you, to read the stories that matter to our community. You’ll notice that we’re taking it off and baring it all – more open space will make reading the CE a breeze and thanks to our amazing photo editor, Matt Smith we’ll be showing you the nooks and cracks of our cities in beautiful photos. But that’s not all – please take our top off! Our new production manager, Lakyn Barton, designed a beautiful cover that you can use to wrap your presents with this season. Sext, I mean, tweet us your photos @TheCommunityEd so we can dutifully share them around the internet.

We’ve launched our new website, which features an on-going scroll and lots of photos. Like any other one handed internet session, you might find that you’ve spent hours and hours catching up on the latest community happenings. We’ll also be using online tools to facilitate community conversations, so if there’s something you need covered, let us know and we’ll be all over it.

They say sexy things come to those who wait, but sexy things also come to those who participate. When you’re flicking our pages and combing through our website, keep in mind that the CE is a place for your voice to be heard. We care deeply about Waterloo Region and we believe that through effective media we can make lasting changes that better the places where we live, work and play. So come see what’s new with the CE and let’s get down together. Don’t make us beg.