Album Review: Trap Tiger – Maker Changer


Kurtis Thomas

Maker Changer
Trap Tiger (2014)

If you’re someone who participates even the smallest amount in Kitchener-Waterloo’s local music scene you’ve probably been fortunate enough to see Trap Tiger perform live.

Forming in 2009, Trap Tiger has shared an esteemed stage with Canadian heavy hitters Arkells and Down With Webster. Given their infectious energy, hand clapping and sing-alongs, it’s a place rightfully earned.

This is all necessary precursor to assure you that their newest effort Maker Changer is something you’ll be eager to see performed live when it’s released this August.

The opening track “It’s Modern” starts off deceptively simple; then quickly breaks to a catchy chorus and poppy synth with an anthem like finish. The track transitions seamlessly into “Boys Built Them Guns” — a song that sounds a little like a Western soundtrack mashed together with a Plants and Animals album (which totally works).

There are a lot of subtleties that elevate Maker Changer above the pop rock record it really is in its heart of hearts.

It’s only after a few listens do you realize the lyrics you’ve been singing are deeply powerful and motivating. The background harmonies paired with the almost ethereal use of the keyboard lead into fast, driving guitar and drum rhythms. The music speeds up and slows down, crashing in and out like a wave. It’s music you can feel as well as hear — and that’s powerful. It’s an album you could take in pieces, but experienced as a whole is worth so much more than the sum of it’s parts. Maker Changer is an album you turn on, and leave on.

If you’re the kind of person who likes tapping their feet, grooving, dancing and just overall having a good time, then you should check out Maker Changer. Or better yet, see them at their CD release party! August 23rd at Cork Hall in Kitchener.