Tri-city thrifty: bookstores

Samantha Estoesta

The romantic reader: KW Bookstore
 There is something about walking into a used bookstore and just seeing stacks and stacks of paperbacks that makes me feel at home. The KW Bookstore embraces its position as a quiet sanctuary, filled with the smell of well-loved pages and forgotten coffee. It is the type of bookstore that stops time as soon as you walk through the door – your step becomes lighter and each book calls you on a journey. It is not uncommon to see a person sitting cross-legged on the ground with two piles of books on either side of them. KW Bookstore is an entrance to what books are supposed to entail: solitude, solace and separation from an all too busy world.


The human encyclopedia: Old Goat Books
Think back to teen dramas in the 1990s – remember when the nerdy but super awesome female character would walk into her favourite bookstore and there would be this fantastical owner who would basically pull books out of a hat that fit just her needs? Welcome to Old Goat Books. Interested in the histories and applications of heraldry, flags and formalities? Perhaps the entire social and political history of Australia? Old Goat has a book for you. In fact, it probably has an entire catalogue for you and a couple of tidbits that, no doubt, will lead to a victory in your next game of Trivial Pursuit.


The quirky comic fan: Second Look Books
Come for the fantastic selection of graphic novels and books on societal issues, and stay for the conversation. I have bought terrific graphic novels (Persepolis, Maus and many more) for a quarter of the price than any other store, in excellent condition. I have bought a multitude of books, from feminism to the free market, for pennies. From Faubert to Faust to Fadia Faqir, Second Look Books keeps a well-stocked treasure trove. The best part of Second Look Books is the conversation. More often than not, you will spend more time discussing themes, motifs and juxtaposition in the works joining your personal collection than you did finding them.


The lover of local: Words Worth Books
My love of Words Worth is shown in the purchase of my first non-chapter book and I haven’t looked back. Words Worth is the epitome of what I want uptown Waterloo to be: local, friendly and full of fantastic goodies and treasures. From best selling books to a dictionary of all non-English words used in Tolkien’s Silmarillion, Words Worth has something for everyone. The best part of Words Worth – beside the super adorable nook in the children’s section – is not just the selection, but the wonderful staff. A helpful sign here, a recommendation there, it makes you feel as special as the books on the shelves.