Cosmic Relief: In Search of Practical Purpose

The end of summer brings the sun into Virgo and with that comes a lot of practical and dedicated energy. This time of year Virgo highlights the parts of our lives that bring a sense of duty. Its energy begs us to be the best version of ourselves in order to help make the world better and help us understand how we can be of service to this world. 

With Mars moving into the peacemaking sign of Libra on Sept. 15, we will also be motivated by harmony and artful beauty. The planet that rules over our sense of pleasure, Venus, will be moving into the deep and dark sign of Scorpio as well this month. Expect a lot of intense, sexy and profound feelings. 

To increase the complexity of September, we will be experiencing our final Mercury retrograde season of 2021. 

To help you navigate, here are your horoscopes for the month along with another cosmic playlist to put a spell on September for you.


It’s time to get down to business, Virgo. You’ve been tired of the frivolous chatter of the last few months and you’re ready to make some big changes. Now is the time to get the tools you need to move forward in the right place.


You’ve been feeling some nervous energy over the last month and it’s likely that it will move into September for you. Things are pretty intense around you right now, so just take this month to recalibrate before you’re up to bat next month. 


You’re having a hard time hiding your mischievous intensity, Scorpio, and although that may not be everyone’s cup of tea, people are digging it this month. Relish being in your element for the next little while. 


You’re having a hard time focusing your energy, Sagittarius. You may be overwhelmed by what you want to accomplish this month, and you’re likely meeting a lot of roadblocks. Just hold on a little longer, things are going to align and become a little easier in a month or so.


You’re a little over some of the frivolity that came with summer. You’re happy to start getting serious about some new ideas and projects that you’re planning for the next year. Try opening the softer parts of yourself to some trusted folks and lighten up a bit.   


You’re feeling a little bit of social burnout, Aquarius. Things are starting to slow down around you and you’re welcoming this new pace. Take some time to get lost in your latest investigation this month. 


You feel like you’ve been treading water for a while now but things are feeling a little more stable for you these days. It’s time to rest and get some serious self-care this month. Obligations are slowing down and boy, are you happy about that. 


You’re starting to feel a little bored, Aries. This month is asking you to bite your tongue a bit and move that willpower of yours inwards. Take this time to focus on working through that angst with some physical activity. 


You want to settle into a new routine. You’ve likely checked out of any unnecessary obligations this month and are looking forward to some serious homebody vibes. Get out the self-pampering paraphernalia and go to town. 


You’ve been feeling a little foggy the last few months, Gemini. You’re starting to gain some clarity and are feeling a little more motivated. This month will likely stir up feelings for you so make sure to stay grounded and keep your momentum. 


You’re feeling a reprieve from your ‘taking care of others’ approach. It feels a little too good to be true, but perhaps this month you can really relish in some self-indulgent fun. Enjoy the things you want to enjoy without guilt.  


You’re pretty spent, Leo. You had a lot going on these last couple of months and you generally feel you’ve made the most of your time. Take this month to create space for a new routine that’s sprinkled with your joyful dose of fun. 


Elfie Kalfakis is an artist inspired by mythology, play, the occult and consciousness. Her work is multidisciplinary, intuitive and uses mediums such as, but not limited to: collage, film, illustration and street art. She aspires to use her artwork as a means of breaking down stigmas and barriers within popular culture towards metaphysical concepts and has a passion for female empowerment, mental health advocacy and understanding the collective unconscious.