The TCE Cosmic Relief Illustrated Astrology Chart made for the April edition. This month's version features orbital rainbows, soft pink roses and pastel lightening emanating from the centre of the universal vintage radio.


Every month I set out to write for this column by picking an upcoming astrological event I can dive into, and then I dig through astrological charts to see when similar transits occurred in history. I then research music created around that time to create the cosmic mixtape. This month, I delved into the upcoming Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction in the sign of Taurus.   

I consulted an ephemeris, to see when the last Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction occurred, and since I know it only happens roughly every 14 years, I also tried to find when the last time it occurred in the sign of Taurus. Amidst my sleuthing, I stumbled upon something synchronistic that adds some cosmic intrigue to our understanding of the present moment.

The last Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus occurred on May 7, 1941.  On that exact date, it just so happens that Glenn Miller recorded the song “Chattanooga Choo Choo”. It’s wild to think that, on that very day, he and his orchestra were creating this piece during an astrological event that won’t repeat until Apr. 21, 2024.  

For me, an artist captures the zeitgeist of their time. That’s why this “Chattanooga Choo Choo” revelation hits home. It’s a perfect example of the universe influencing creativity. In looking into these cultural-astrological patterns, we can get a sneak peek into the energies that might shape our days, months, and years ahead.  

So what does the “Chattanooga Choo Choo,” tell us? On the surface it’s an upbeat song that speaks to the locomotive era and the job creation/cultural growth of the time. But, of course, there is always more. During a time of racial segregation, Glenn Miller, a white artist, was writing traditionally Black-created music and bringing it into the mainstream. The song’s commercial success is saturated with the ethical issues relating to cultural appropriation, especially as swing music, embodied by this song, was taking over the entertainment scene during World War II.  

Originally written for the wartime film Sunset Serenade, the song also provided an escape during a time marked by global turmoil. It was a reprieve from the harsh realities of the era, illustrating the power and impact of the arts in tumultuous times.  The song’s success, embodies both traditional (Taurus) and avant-garde (Uranus) elements and, aligns with the qualities of the astrological conjunction. Its commercial success also connects to the idea that Jupiter brings abundance wherever it lands.  

I’m hopeful that, unlike the escape offered by “Chattanooga Choo Choo” during a tough time, this celestial alignment might encourage us to face our challenges with a different form of creativity and innovation. It’s a cosmic invitation for the arts to lead the way in societal progress, into a more inclusive and innovative future. 
This upcoming Jupiter-Uranus conjunction happens amidst a Mercury retrograde. Although the universe may reveal our true selves and collective narratives, we can expect communication hiccups and real-world friction. This cosmic interplay offers auspicious energy to tap into, but if things aren’t flowing smoothly, they’re likely out of sync. 

To help see how the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will affect you, here are some words of wisdom based on your sun and rising sign. Here is a cosmic mixtape of songs that were released during other Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions.  


Expect some financial opportunities and likely some shifts in values. Stay adaptable, explore unconventional paths, and be open to unexpected changes in investments and possessions.     


Time to embrace the uniqueness of your identity. Break free from old patterns and let your charisma shine in innovative ways so you can draw others to your distinct approach to life.     


The subconscious and the spiritual come into focus this month. You’ll likely gain unexpected insights if you delve into hidden realms of your psyche with an open mind.     


Friendships and social networks become a source of inspiration. There’ll be some surprising developments in your social circles that may lead to unconventional collaborations.     


Career and public life can take a dynamic turn. You may find unexpected professional growth, so remain open to innovative approaches that lead to recognition and authority.     


A transformation of your worldview is likely on the horizon during this transit. Embrace unexpected opportunities for travel and for spiritual growth, which may allow for a shift in your beliefs and philosophies.  


Expect unexpected shifts in shared resources and intimate relationships. It’s time to be open to new avenues of self-discovery and personal growth.  


Relationships take centre stage this month with exciting developments in partnerships,.  Try being open to unconventional relationship dynamics and welcome those who provoke inspiration into your life.  


Work and health routines receive an energetic boost. Find innovative solutions to daily challenges, be open to changes in your work environment, and embrace a flexible approach to your routines.  


Creativity and romance take a dynamic turn. Lean into unexpected opportunities in creative endeavours and relationships, letting your unique talents shine in unconventional ways.    


Transformations in home and family life might characterise this month. Embrace change within your domestic sphere with an open heart, as unexpected breakthroughs may lead to newfound stability in surprising places.  


This month will likely be filled with many “Eureka!” moments. It’s time to express your ideas confidently, embrace unconventional forms of education and be open to sudden short trips that expand your mental horizons.