New Tune Review: Magical Music

I kind of get the vibe that Magical Music Moments is a project that will live only on Bandcamp, but I think that fits the vibe really well. Described as a “collection of recordings take over two jam sessions” this set of seven numerically titled tracks is intimate and emotionally complex.

I’m not square on all of the details, but the contributors listed include Dan Prjct, Aneeq, Ley, Ash, Keebay and Frankie. I am familiar with both Dan Prjct and Keebay through their work in the community as artists as well as their existence as genuine, all-around cool and nice people. To that end I am also very intrigued to hear more from the other people listed.

From the description on Bandcamp: “While we never really went away from the two, three, or four chords we started with, these pieces somehow still evolve. I love how we all played together, giving everyone space to be heard.”

These tunes will hit you the deepest if you let your guard down. My suggestion is to put some time aside one evening in the next month and just sit down and let the freeform, jam-style recording take you where it wants you to go. 

Thank you to Dan Prjct, Keebay and everyone else involved. I look forward to hearing more from all of you collectively and/or individually, and I’m certain that our readers will share the same excitement once they give the impromptu recording a listen or two.