Personal guide in your pocket

Laura Munz

Whoever said it’s rude to stare?

In 2015, we want you to take a closer look at what’s around you in your community. Let Stare City be your guide for Kitchener-Waterloo’s thriving
local and independent scene.

For more than five years, Stare City has made it their business to inform the community about all things local. Self-proclaimed “hyperlocal- focused” owners Vivian and Jason have found their niche by working closely with small businesses, drawing attention to deserving shops and restaurants by putting hard working citizens in the spotlight.

These two young entrepreneurs are keeping busy, having found success in offering independent businesses their services in photography, graphic design, publishing and social media.

They also offer exposure in the Stare City Guide, a self-published bi-annual publication that focuses on advertising local businesses and their
services. The Guide covers a diverse array of food, drinks, shopping, film, music and art. The instructions in the guide are quite simple: “Flip through to discover hidden gems, well known favourites and exclusive deals.”

Vivian and Jason have a genuine interest in recognizing KW’s small business sector, trying to offer a more personal approach to business marketing. With the guide, they can show a different side to every business that readers might not see or understand otherwise.

It’s a vital tool in getting to know what’s good in the neighbourhood. Sounds good to me, wrapped up with a guarantee that all content will remain local and independent with exclusive focus on the Kitchener-Waterloo region.

So what can you expect to learn when you let Stare City into your life? Find out for yourself. Join the thousands who already follow Stare City on
Instagram at @StareCityGuide_KW. And why not share your own favourite local hangouts at #starecitykw? Make sure to pick up the free  2014/15 fall/winter edition of Stare City Guide, available at: Princess Cinemas, Truth Beauty Company, Wordsworth Books, Vincenzo’s and many other in-town hot spots.