New Tune Review: The Band Who Lived

Artist: The Lovegoods

Album: The Lovegoods

Released: June 16, 2017


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“Harry, you can share my toilet if you die down there.” That classic Moaning Myrtle line kicks off The Lovegoods’ self-titled EP, and the peppy surf-punk vibes only get better from there.

These songs have a rebellious streak that’s full of fun. For a certain generation of listeners, it will bring back the wonder of J. K. Rowling’s work in a totally new way, transporting the world of Hogwarts to a kind of summer beach scene.

Elsa Ruck (who also performs a solo act as Elsa Jayne) proves her versatility on lead vocals with high-powered crescendos in “Hufflepuff Anthem.” Bassist Graeme Ruck (Ravenclaw) and drummer Graham Watson (Gryffindor) round out the Kitchener-based trio.

For The Lovegoods, playfulness is the name of the game — fun drum fills, big reverberating choruses all wrapped up in a high-energy lo-fi package. It almost feels like the album was recorded live.

In fact, they’ll be playing at the Waterloo Public Library’s Harry Potter Party on August 30th if you want to catch the magic in person.