A distorted, distressed photo of a cassette tape that is warped as if affected by "scan lines". The details of the cassette are still vaguely visible but the photo has been styled to look overprinted and appears warm, grainy bluish-purple.


Waterloo’s Connor Kurtz explores avante-noise subgenres under the name Important Hair. Their latest effort, Natasha Ritchie I Love You Until the Sun Dies (2024), is a meditative collection that sets a course for an experiential ritual in the art of noise.   
NRILYUTSD opens with an enchanting composition for melodica. Droning harmonies fold over each other, ebbing and flowing over a fantastical-sounding scale. This simple, yet inimitable introduction is quickly devoured by the feedback-filled track, “The Leak.”  The tracks bleed into each other in a way that expels the child-like wonderment of our intro for a bleak and utterly chaotic soundscape.   

Vocals nag rampantly over a maelstrom of noises. Synthesizers hiss and writhe in a panic-stricken agony. The artist implements effected vocals over this track, singing into a chain of manipulations that sound like ghostly voices transmitting from dead radio towers.  

High pitched overtones scrape and claw over a terrific hell as “Inside” begins to churn. The word “inside” is shrieked and belched over bent notes and low hums. A cackling, yawp is buried under the discord of mutating cacophonies. The way this record is laid out makes me feel like I am being embraced yet confronted at the same time; the album keeps its initial playfulness at heart while its grinding, tormented feedback draws me into a dark meditation.   
The sonic elements within this record are placed against conflicting tones that are wrangled into submission. The result is a cohesive work invoking dismay and piety in a most nonmaterial way. Using analogue synthesizers, voice melodica and samples, Important Hair delves into a profound and visceral discipline.  
Genres: Noise, Harsh Noise, Experimental, Avant  
Associated Acts: N/A