flowersfightforsunshine create low-fi noise, nodding humbly to screamo DNA. Both genres have a reputation for pitting diametrical soundscapes against each other. The duo have recorded their demo, Practice Sessions, with an emphasis on improv, doling out harsh noise alongside dream-like guitar riffs in equal measures. 

While preserving the essence of experimentation, the duo construct pieces in an orderly fashion. Instead of trading notes however, the players trade for time—each leaving room for the other to establish their own sonic-self for the section of a piece.  

This structure creates an environment where individual expression thrives,in a conversational way. Though thematic context is not expressly established, creation-through-destruction sounds to be a major theme on this record. Mournful chords are overwhelmed by squalls of noise and dissonance. IIn moments of calm, when a lone synthesizer grumbles with a distorted tone, it is quickly overpowered by feedback and guttural screams.

As this pattern emerges throughout the record, the artists willfully disregard conventional song structure in favour of experimentation. As the duo move throughout their compositions with a sense of fluidity.  

It becomes apparent that what seems intentional is guided by improvisational techniques allowing for unpredictability.  

Sleepy melancholia and unhinged chaos coalesce in Practice Sessions as starkly contrasting sonic elements collide. As the first recording under flowersfightforsunshine, it rings out as a blueprint for the band’s direction. With hints to what may come in the future, the demo is an audial tryptic that takes a structural approach to experimentation.