The TCE Cosmic Relief Illustrated Astrology Chart made for the April edition. This month's version features disembodied laughter, a bright idea, and a fuzzy lightening bolt under deep scrutiny.


In western astrology, Jupiter is known as the planet of expansion and abundance. About once every year, it moves into a new zodiac sign. Its transits, like its mythological counterparts Zeus, Amun or the Wheel of Fortune, are bold, electric and powerfully driven by fate. Wherever it lands, Jupiter brings some upheaval; but also opportunities for enlightenment, luck and expansion.   

On May 25, Jupiter will enter Gemini. Commonly known as the twins, Gemini’s characteristics stem from stories like the Greek myth of Castor and Pollux, the Vedic astrological counterpart Ashwini Kumaras and the Lovers in the tarot. Many of these myths convey a story between two separate entities coming together. Gemini holds the parts of us that relate to others. It is our dynamism, duality, versatility and the way we coexist with contrasting ideas.   

When Jupiter transits through Gemini, it fosters a period of intellectual expansion, curiosity, and connectivity.   

What I particularly enjoy as an astrologer is charting historical moments through an astrological lens. For example, during the 2012 Jupiter in Gemini transit we saw the launch of Vine. This connects to the essence of this transit, which brings about a collective surge in social interaction opportunities and the expansion of social networks.  
Jupiter in Gemini can also bring about opportunities to develop our collaborative skills and establish broad networks. During the 2000 Jupiter in Gemini transit, a good example of this would be the Millenium Summit which brought together what was then the largest number of world leaders to address pressing global challenges in order to create collective action for a better future.  

Again in 2000, we saw the first expedition and entry into the international space station. Astrologically, we can say this is likely a result of a collective desire to explore and tends to foster a sense of adventure—a Jupiter in Gemini quality.   

Like every transit, there is always a caveat and potential challenge. With Jupiter in Gemini, the abundance of ideas and social interactions could potentially lead to challenges related to information overload and/or misinformation and confusion. The 2000 United States Bush vs. Gore election had the infamous ballot recount issues in Florida which posed challenges related to decision-making amid complex information.   

Since this transit occurs approximately every twelve years, we can expect significant themes from our past to re-emerge during this period. If you can recall what was happening in your life during the last occurrence of this transit (in 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, etc.), you can anticipate the start of a new cycle involving similar themes this year. This requires a bit of personal sleuthing, but it can give us valuable insights into what lies ahead.  

Overall, Jupiter in Gemini stimulates innovation and sociability that encourages embracing diverse perspectives. Whether collectively or personally, this period offers a fertile ground for a coming together of ideas, which makes me hopeful.   

To help you understand how this transit will affect you, here are some words of wisdom based on your rising and sun sign, along with another cosmic mixtape of songs released or created by artists born during previous Jupiter in Gemini transits.  

Expect to build your communication skills and intellectual pursuits during this yearly transit. Embrace learning, writing and sharing ideas with enthusiasm.  
Opportunities for financial gains through sharing ideas or learning new skills are on the horizon for this period. Stay open to diverse sources of income.  

You’ll be exploring new ideas and expressing yourself with curiosity and versatility. Embrace changes and adaptability for personal growth.  
This transit brings you some spiritual insights through intellectual pursuits or sharing your ideas with others. Take up a new meditation routine and learn about dream analysis or other esoteric studies.  
Expand your social circles and network with like-minded individuals. You will likely find yourself in group discussions and community projects this year.  
Your career path may involve communication, teaching, or versatility this year. Embrace opportunities that allow you to express your ideas.  
You’ll be expanding your knowledge and exploration of different belief systems during this transit. Travel, higher education and philosophical debates will be plentiful.  

You will be transforming the way in which you communicate and will likely learn a lot about subconscious ideas this year. Dive deep into diverse subjects for personal evolution.  

Partnerships with open communication and shared intellectual interests will highlight this period. Seek companions who stimulate your mind, and you will be fulfilled.  
Your overall wellbeing will come from mental stimulation and likely a new network of people. Focus on diverse activities and intellectual challenges in your daily routine.  
Your creative potential and romantic pursuits will be amplified. Embrace a variety of hobbies and playful ventures to spark inspiration.  

Home will be the focus, specially creating a lively, intellectually stimulating environment. Having family discussions and exploring your roots will bring joy and fulfilment.