New Tune Review: Let’s Get Stabilized

Song: “Stabilize” by Jojo Worthington

Kitchener-Waterloo based singer-songwriter Jojo Worthington is back with a new single and music video, “Stabilize.”

I saw Worthington perform at January’s installation of Sofar Sounds; although I had heard her name a few times around town, it was my first time hearing her music. She delivered a dreamy and atmospheric set at the show, leaving me curious about the rest of her music.

“Stabilize” is the first single from Worthington’s newest album, TCYK, set to be released this June. The song tackles complex topics surrounding mental illness and the struggles of asking for help, when other people rely on you for support, also.

The video is abstract, and at some times confusing, but nonetheless a bold deliverance and unforgettable depiction of the song. The video is undeniably creative, with splashes of bright and bold scenes and colours, contrasted by Worthington who is near motionless and calm.

“Stabilize” shows Worthington’s growth — it sounds fuller and there’s maturity in her writing. With the release of this full single, anticipation for TCKY is undoubtedly building.


Beth is the former Editor in Chief of the Community Edition. She held this position from October 2017 - November 2019. When she's not writing, she's usually knocking back too many coffees at Princess Café, searching for new craft beer in the Region or forcing one of her foster cats to love her. Follow her on Twitter @angryelbows.