New Tune Review: Bush Party EDM to End Summer

Artist: Ken Gao

Album: Open Sky EP

Released: July 12, 2017


Ken Gao’s Open Sky EP has landed perfectly in the middle of music festival season. This is bush-party EDM, music that should keep ringing in your ears while you walk home barefoot after a late night of bass-infused dance. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a nasty drop; everything about Gao’s production is butter-smooth.

The EP revolves around themes of love, longing, adventure, and belonging. Let its deep synths and muted kick drums vibrate in your chest, pulling softly at your heartstrings. Think about your high-school crush.

A revolving door of guest vocalists add depth to each track, and Gao weaves them into the track like they’re yet another part of the instrumentation. The lyrics come out airy and melodic, and their nondescript meaning makes it easy to see yourself in the songs, “Cover my eyes, tell me a lie / Tell me we’re chasing shadows.”

If you’re in the mood for some good, clean, teenage romance with a hint of existential tension — or a solid addition to your summer dance collection — give this album a listen.

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