Deltron 3030 is back at it

Scott Glaysher

2000 was a banner year – Y2K proved to be nothing more than a fatalist’s excuse, George Bush took over the white house to the despair of the much of the free world, and the Backstreet Boys were throwing youth into a frenzy. All that aside, the year 2000 saw hip-hop music hit with one of the most timeless albums ever. Alternative hip-hop super group Deltron 3030, dropped their debut album and changed the rap game forever.

The album, self-titled Deltron 3030, was basically the first concept rap album of its time. Hopheads would refer to it as a ‘rap opera’.

For those who are new to the game, a rap opera tells a particular story through consecutive songs or pieces of music involving the same character or characters. This particular album is set in a dystopian future – year 3030 to be exact. The 21 track album follows a cynical soldier and a computer technology genius as they rebel against the 31st-century new world order.

The group that put this classic LP together is made up of producer Dan the Automator, rapper Del the Funky Homosapien and turntable guru Kid Koala. After the release of their show stopping debut, the group seemed to go into hiding for over a decade. It wasn’t until this past September that Deltron 3030 reignited their collective creativity and dropped a follow up album entitled Event 2.

Event 2 kept up the post-apocalyptic concept found in their first album; giving the motif a gloomier but, easy to listen to, feel. It was a well thought out follow up project that had substantial commentary on society, government, and conspiracies.

Containing standout tracks like “Do You Remember” featuring Jamie Cullum and “City Rising From the Ashes”, Event 2 put Deltron 3030 back on the underground hip-hop radar in a big way.
In attempts to promote their most recent project, Del, Dan and Kid Koala are bringing their authentic hip-hop sound to venues all around North America.

During March and April of this year, they promptly rocked stages from Arizona to Fort Lauderdale but this summer they are bringing it north and into our backyard. On Friday July 11, Starlight will play host to the hip-hop super group.

With an accompanying orchestra and full catalogue at the ready, Deltron 3030 will do nothing less than give people the perfect hip-hop concert. The use of a live orchestra adds those extra vibrancies to the music that a lot of live hip-hop is lacking these days. Be prepared to experience much more than a rap concert; you’ll get a live rap opera.

You will both see and hear album storylines unfold right before of your eyes. However, don’t think for even a second that this will be similar to some boring play you saw in high school. The energy and showmanship brought to each and every show is next level. They will undoubtedly keep your undivided attention from the opening rhyme to the closing punchline.

Even if you’re not that familiar with Deltron 3030, I would highly recommend buying a ticket and going to the show with an open mind. As unconventional as their sound may be, there’s a very good chance you’ll leave the show thoroughly impressed.