Cosmic Relief: In August, Expect the Unexpected 

Every month when I look at the planets, I try to see any momentary alignment that could be beneficial for us to talk about here. This month feels like a journey starting right on Aug. 1, when Mars will be in conjunction with Uranus. What that means is we are opening up the month up with a strong and erratic energy that will have us maybe taking some leaps of faith.  

This conjunction will also line up with what is known as the ‘north node’, a geometric point on the moon’s orbit. Alignments like these often result in unexpected and unconventional events. Globally, we can expect some shocking situations to arise. The cosmic energies are asking us to restructure our systems, expand our desires and deal with sudden changes.  

Mid-month some of the other planetary alignments will also be lining up in such a way that we’ll want to express things properly and theatrically. Mercury, our communication energy, is passing through Virgo, a sign which is steadfast, thorough and earnest. At the same time Venus—our desires— and the Sun—our vitality—is passing through the dramatic, bold and romantic sign of Leo.  

Expect things to feel very pivotal this month. August 2022 is gracing us with energy that encourages a leap of faith. The stars are lining up in our favour, so make it count!  

To help you cast a spell on that hunch you’re about to trust, here is a cosmic playlist for you and some words of wisdom by your sun or rising sign. 


Enjoy the limelight because you are radiating with confidence and things are working out in your favour. Expect some excitement in your social circle at the beginning of the month.  


You’ll be feeling surprisingly in your element amongst some dramatic energy. Look out for a big push in your career life that could open up some new opportunities.  


You’re hinging on a great moment to expand your horizons and try something new. Are you feeling exposed and vulnerable or are you just stepping out of your comfort zone? 


You may confront a strange curveball at the beginning of the month. Invest in good conversations with friends as it might bring some abundance in your professional life.  


You’ll likely be wanting to play and have fun this month but may have some important commitments that hold you back. Expect some inspiration at the end of the month.   


A new creative project or romance is sparking and some sexy energy is lighting up for you. You will be expanding your horizons and getting out of your comfort zone. 


Expect to make a strong nurturing connection at the beginning of the month. You’ll be focusing on friendship and family and enjoying time with your loved ones.  


Expect surprising news at the beginning of the month. Focus on family while balancing creative fun and you’ll likely feel accomplished at the month’s end.  


A new investment opportunity might spring up for you. There is fun on the horizon but you will have to balance that with feeling a little bogged down by a few commitments.  


You may be feeling a little accident prone so make sure you’re taking things slow. You’ll be wanting to speak your mind and express yourself, and now might be a good time to do so.  


Do you believe in miracles? This month has some existential surprises for you. Despite your light-hearted nature, you can expect some enjoyable and deeply intimate moments. 


Your month is full of lots of social commitments. You’ll likely be playing mediator amidst a lot of different social dynamics.  So do what you do best—play fair and have fun. 


Elfie Kalfakis is an artist inspired by mythology, play, the occult and consciousness. Her work is multidisciplinary, intuitive and uses mediums such as, but not limited to: collage, film, illustration and street art. She aspires to use her artwork as a means of breaking down stigmas and barriers within popular culture towards metaphysical concepts and has a passion for female empowerment, mental health advocacy and understanding the collective unconscious.