Celebrating Pride with Hustl + Flow

Local wellness collective Hustl + Flow is taking strides to change the way people approach personal fitness through their community-focused programs and uplifting environment. Offering group fitness classes including Boxing and Beats, Cycling and Yoga, everything about this studio is designed to elevate your mindset and help you connect with your body and the people around you. 

“We are all about connection through movement and music. It’s about building a sense of community, and I think we have done a really good job of creating a safe space for that,” said Courtney Fonseca, owner of Hustl + Flow.

With June being Pride month, Hustl + Flow is hosting a series of classes and events that celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. All of these events will be by donation, the proceeds of which will go to local charities such as Kitchener-Waterloo’s SPECTRUM. 

“We’re trying to jam-pack the month with as many events that celebrate the community as possible, to demonstrate the support, love, and inclusivity that is Hustl + Flow. We want that to infiltrate the greater community, and showcase our commitment to it,” Fonseca announced.

Kicking off in the second week of June with a “Pride Ride” cycling class, the studio will host two Pride classes a week throughout the month, including a “Strut It! With Brett” heel dance class, an “Ally Rally Ride,” as well as Pride-themed yoga and boxing classes. A big part of their celebration will take place on June 14 when they bring their bikes onto the street for a “PRIDE RIDE on KING,” where anyone can hop on and make noise with the whole group. Finally, they are planning a dazzling “Drag Ride” to cap off the excitement at the end of the month.

While emphasising LGBTQ+ artists and allies, Hustl + Flow’s Pride events will be especially lively and fun. The studio itself will reflect this energy as they step away from their usual black-and-white aesthetic and prepare a rainbow wall, a confetti wall and bright colours all around.

“We’re always looking for additional opportunities to ensure that we are going above and beyond to be an inclusive space and to be a leader in that capacity … we want to collaborate and be community builders,” Fonseca elaborated. 

“This is a month that gives us an opportunity to do something different. We do have a lot of members in our community who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, and this is a great opportunity for them to showcase their passion and play a bigger part in making this a safe space for everybody.”

Beyond hosting fitness events that amplify LGBTQ+ culture throughout the month, the studio will also welcome one and all to their “Pride Talk” on June 27 where an array of speakers will ignite a discussion around the subject. 

“It will be an open dialogue with some members of our community [who] do work on things like intersectionality and what it means to be an ally … and other members of the LGBTQ+ community who want to share their experiences and contribute to the conversation,” Fonseca explained. 

“We’re coming from a good place, and we know the intentions of everyone in our space are good. I think it’s important that we give people the platform and a safe space to ask questions and talk about these things without judgement.”

No judgement is a core value for Hustl + Flow since they encourage people to come as they are and be proud of that. To that end, there are no mirrors hung throughout the studio, and the lighting in the workout spaces are dim. 

“It’s intentional – we want people to not focus on how they look in the movement and while they’re in the space. It’s about how you feel and how you connect with yourself through the movement and the music,” Fonseca revealed.

“Our classes are welcome to all. All abilities, all ages, all genders, all races – we have a really diverse, eclectic mix of people that are a part of this community and I think Pride is a month where we can really celebrate that and bring more light to it.”

Fonseca included that while she is quite happy with what the studio has become, her team practices their commitment to maintaining and improving the space. 

“Because of our values, we do always want to be learning and checking in with our members. [We want to know] how we can be better, know better, do better for everyone in our community – not just those with certain privileges. We want to light you up,” Fonseca said.

 “Pride is going to be a really fun month – colourful, vibrant, and full of love … there has to be an event right for you!”