In the month of love, our readers help us celebrate all kinds of love.

From D.T, 1/10/23 

You waited every Saturday on the bench outside the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery at precisely 5 PM, where I was greeted with a piece of brownie- the centre piece, my favourite part, the “pearl” as you would refer to it. Even on the coldest winter days, it always arrived to me warm, despite the fact that you delivered it by foot. You precariously wrapped it like a present, complete with a little bow tied on top. But no matter how fresh out the oven the brownie was, it couldn’t ever be as warm as how you make my heart feel 

From Anon, 1/12/23 

Over the past two and a half years I’ve gotten to fall in love with my beautiful partner, and in turn with myself, and this city. Every day he shows me more about myself and we learn from each other, explore together, and understand our little world more and more. I have nothing but this city and the internet to thank for bringing me the most perfect, compassionate and supportive person, and for that, I’ll always love KW. 

From Melissa Aguto (she/her), 1/12/23 

Him: a war journalist from Turkey 

Her: an occupational therapist from Kitchener 

Him: shy of his 50th birthday with English as a second language 

Her: late 30s with Ontario-based degrees 

Him: two daughters 

Her: one daughter, one son 

Them: one mutual friend 

Him: add to Instagram 

Her: follow back 

Them: dinner at Vita Lounge, 

Multiple dates the rest of that week 

Stories, laughter, mutual interest and respect 

Him: “Can I kiss your cheek?” 

Her: “Yes you can.” 

Them: warm nights 



Summer ’21: a house 

Winter ’22: a nikah 

Summer ’23: a wedding 

And they’ll live 




Zach Peats-Bond, 1/13/23 

Looking up at the Wonders of Winter sign the ring burns in my pocket. I rehearse the proposal again in my head. 

I find the swirling fixture by the first fence but the photographer isn’t there. 

I see a similar set in the distance. No luck. Another, no luck. We zigzag through the park.  

She looks confused. I look nervous. 

Finally, he’s there. 

My knee hits the ground. I look up at her and…forget everything I was going to say.  

Incoherent mumbling. 

She says yes! 

Thank God. 

Beth Bowles, 1/13/23 

My grandparents met before the internet. There was no Tinder, no social media, only house phones and winding rural roads. They didn’t consider anyone else, only each other. Their capacity for possibility was small, but with this, came a sense of simple contentfulness that seemingly expired within the vastness of the 21st century. Sixty-seven years later and they are still married. They are still content. They are still in love. They are still happy to exist in their bubble of simplicity, because it was there that they stopped searching for more and became truly grateful for what they had. 

From Michelle Williams-Feaver, 1/18/23 

I met my husband in 2018 when I worked for Starbucks as a barista. He is your typical “regular” customer that comes in, up to twice a day, with the same order. We fostered a friendship and by 2019 we went on our first date which included a baby shower, an impromptu trip to Ikea and a board game with his friends. We got married last summer at Waterloo Park with a small gathering of friends and family. Every day I thank the universe that we crossed paths and I look forward to all of life’s adventures together. 

From Paul Fagan, 1/22/23:  

And they lived happily ever after. They spent years becoming familiar with all the intimate quirks of the other. They were poor together, comfortable together, stressed together, bored together. They bickered often, they fought sometimes, but they always listened. 

They learned from one another and grew together. They supported one another, helping each other discover themselves. Their bodies changed, their minds changed, but they changed together. 

They lie in bed, looking at the face they’ve learned to love a million different ways. The love they first felt feels so small now. They smile at how their love continues to blossom. 

From Sathvik Shetty, 1/26/23 

Magic in the Mundane 

Not all love stories start with a ring. Theirs began with an apology. Miffed, she watched him walk in two hours late to their rendezvous. Her infamous anger faded away with his genuine sorry that came before a hello. Speaking of all things trivial, it didn’t take them long to realize that they wanted to grow old together. The instant friendship – a palpable connection they felt was undeniable. Even now, many moons later, they find love in trying out new recipes together while grooving to soulful 90s music. Often, people are oblivious to the magic in the mundane!