Thirty Different 30-Day Wellness Challenges

We’ve all heard of the 30-day challenge, right? It’s a fun way to make changes by committing to doing something every day for 30 days.

These challenges have become so popular because they are designed to form new habits. You can kick start your health, relationship, business, learning, and creativity goals, among other things. You’ll be building momentum, a rhythm, and a routine that works – for you.

Not sure where to start? Here are 30 30-day challenges that you can start today:

1. Yoga – Five minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes – your choice. I put this one first, because I know personally that it can be life changing.

2. Write – In the morning, on your lunch break, or before bed. Thirty minutes or 1,500 words or 150. You choose. Get your thoughts on paper.

3. Meditate – Take 10 minutes to re-set your brain and change the way you see and react to the world.

4. Run – Get your butt moving Consider marking your challenge completion with a race to keep you motivated and amp up that feeling of accomplishment.

5. Cook – This is good if you’re prone to eating out or “heating up” most of your meals. Choose a meal or two (breakfast, lunch or dinner) and make them from scratch every day.

6. Journal – There’s power in putting your thoughts on paper. Invite change into your life by spending 15 minutes journaling ever day.

7. Call a friend – Tell your family members that you love them, ask a co-worker about their life or re-connect in real life with your Facebook “friends.”

8. Eat Vegetarian – No meat for 30 days. Not even bacon. It’s the right thing to do.

9. Eat Vegan – No animal products for 30 days. No meat, dairy, eggs, or honey. Lots of vegetables, grains, legumes and fruits. It’s the kind thing to do.

10. Eat Raw – Nothing heated above 105 degrees for 30 days. It’s totally doable and delicious. It’s an adventurous thing to do. (Do it in the summer!)

11. Go to the gym – This could mean a lot of things, so decide exactly what the challenge is for you. Thirty minutes of exercise? Three hundred calories burned?

12. Read – I know there’s a stack of books you’ve been meaning to read. Grab one (or two) and let’s go. Want an extra challenge? Choose a specific book – like the Bible – and make that your challenge.

13. No sugar – You can choose to ignore all refined sugars (like white sugar and processed foods) or completely ditch all sugars (including fruits, maple syrup and honey).

14. Floss – Do it. Every day.

15. No shopping – Groceries notwithstanding, no clothes, no nail polish, no Starbucks, no gifts.

16. Gratitude journal – Wake up each day and write down three (or 10) things you’re grateful for.

17. Pray – Make a concerted effort to connect with your higher power in prayer every day for a month.

18. Play an instrument – Are you losing your touch on the piano? Always wanted to play the guitar? Start with 15 or 30 minutes a day.

19. Drink water – Is it true that drinking eight cups of water a day will change your body? Test it out for yourself.

20. Spend time outside – In my opinion, there is nothing nicer than being outside – especially in a green space, especially in the summer. Unfortunately, many of us seem to spend most of our time inside. Sitting. Looking at screens.

21. No TV – Unplug your cable. Step away from Netflix. Watch a whole new world of opportunities open up.

22. No coffee – I’m not going to do it, but you could give it a whirl.

23. Drink green tea – Doctors say drinking green tea everyday lowers your cancer risk and improves virtually every function in your body.

24. Random acts of kindness – Eeeeep. I love this one. Do one random, nice thing for someone else. Buy a stranger’s coffee, bring a snack to the office, let driver’s merge into your lane.

25. No gossip – Thou shall only engage in (and listen to) kind, honest, and productive conversations. This should extend to your reading (no gossip blogs).

26. No chocolate – Maybe you’ve done this before for Lent and so this will be easy. Maybe it’s a major food group for you and this will be nearly impossible. Find a friend and commiserate together while staying away from chocolate.

27. No social media – They say the average person is now spending 45 days A YEAR on their mobile devices. No Facebook. No Twitter. No Instagram. For. A. Month. Imagine all of the time you’ll have.

28. Take a photo – Maybe you’re practicing your photography skills, maybe you’re capturing a new baby or puppy, maybe you just want to mark a month of your life.

29. Clean something – The bathroom, the baseboards, your closet. Engage in the ultimate month of spring cleaning anytime throughout the year.

30. Take a bath – Make time for yourself to unwind, relax and rejuvenate in the tub. Experiment with oils and powders and soaps and candles and podcasts.

Once you’ve completed your 30-day challenge you’ll (likely) be feeling accomplished and experiencing the benefits of including these productive behaviours in your daily life. You have more energy, saved money, written your novel. You’re feeling great, sleeping well, and look refreshed. This is wellness! Enjoy.