This poem is about the one million square foot Amazon Warehouse erected in the middle of the Blair Village Heritage Conservation District. Citizens of Blair fought long and hard against the building of this distribution center, but they were ultimately squashed by the powers that be.   

Four thick walls stretching long in each direction  

Ancient willow-river floodplains, colonized by concrete  

Hawks and harriers circle aimlessly  

Artists with no theatre, hunters with no arena.  

Trucks leaking black smoke  

Puttering in and out,   

Like ants in a colony.   

Ants don’t take breaks.   

Sealed boxes sitting pretty,   

A permanent feature of suburban porch decor  

Wrapped neatly in paper ribbons,  

Labeled “Prime”.  

The ephemeral bounties of our next-day delivery world  

Trinkets and tchochkes and toys and  


Powered by this grey machine that sits heavy, like a prison  

Maybe it’s not that far off from being one.