A peice of art work is hanging up on a white wall.


Studio Fuzion is a multi-use art space located at 1253 King St. E in Kitchener. Within the last year, the space has hosted zine-maker meetups, art shows, raves, punk shows, dance troupes, and many more arts programs and events. The organizers of Studio Fuzion painted the former Zumba studio white and added a stage to create a flexible space for different types of art.

“We wanted the artists to figure out what they needed to use [the space] for,” Victoria Kent, administrator for Studio Fuzion, said. “I think it’s really about building community,” Kent said. “It’s a space run by artists for artists one hundred percent. It has nothing to do with the government or the city deciding how it’s going to be used or what it should be used for.”

Studio Fuzion was started in 2023 after the space was donated by Vive Development. Kent developed a relationship with them during her time on the board of Cafka and convinced them to use some of their empty spaces as art spaces. The company reached out to Kent and leased the space until Apr. 30, 2024.

“One day, Vive called me, and they said, ‘We have a space for you.’ And so they donated the space. We didn’t have to pay anything. We didn’t even have to pay for the utilities. It was really in the lease. It just said, ‘this space is to be used for the benefit of the arts community,’” she said.

Although the project has been successful, the building that currently houses Studio Fuzion is scheduled to be demolished, and they are looking for a new space that will similarly suit their needs.

“Studio Fuzion is a good space for us because we can make a lot of noise and it doesn’t bother people because nobody lives around there,” Kent said.

“We’re able to do anything there, be loud, and it doesn’t matter. So that would be kind of a bonus if we can find another space like that. Just like a big, blank empty canvas of space. We can use anything; [we’re] not picky,” she said.

Kent said that the success of Studio Fuzion has shown the importance of creating spaces where people can convene to create and connect over art.

“When people are all working alone, in their bedroom, it’s not the same. They don’t have that community that sort of pushes you to do more and to do better,” she said.