The TCE Cosmic Relief Illustrated Astrology Chart made for the April edition. This month's features flying paper hearts, colourful striped banners and the trajectory of the sun as it journeys through it's eclipse.


From where we are standing, it appears that our little rock is talking with the vast universe beyond us. It is a cosmic dance that has piqued curiosities in mythology, culture and science for centuries.   

If we view astrology as one of the ancient guidebooks on how to prioritise our relationship to the cosmos, eclipses (when the Earth, the sun and the moon all line up on the same axis) are a big deal. They are a moment where we can gain insight about what we should be, could be and are doing on this planet, both collectively and individually.   

Eclipses are cosmic checkpoints that trigger shifts in our consciousness and prompt spiritual evolution. Personally, during eclipse season, I keep a journal of important or memorable events that occur. By doing so for many years, I have found that I run into similar themes, lessons and sometimes even people during these cycles.   

In 2024, there are two eclipse seasons, the first of which begins on Mar. 25, 2024, with a lunar eclipse in the sign of Libra. Pay attention to what is happening in your partnerships (romantic, platonic and professional), as this eclipse will likely help you understand how to achieve harmony. Expect themes of justice and perhaps lessons in romance or creative pursuits to come to the forefront. It’ll be the gentle push to make our relationships healthier and more cooperative.  

However, this is also paired with the solar eclipse that is occurring on Apr. 8, 2024, in the sign of Aries. Where Libra hopes to find harmony, Aries wants to take initiative. Aries asks us to be fearless, break new ground, and take smart risks. Together, during the karmic time warp between Mar. 25 and Apr. 8, these eclipses create a kind of dance between relationships and individuality.   

The Libra lunar eclipse tells us to find harmony in our connections, while the Aries solar eclipse pushes us to assert our uniqueness and chase our personal goals. Balancing these energies can lead to a time of self-awareness, better relationships and exciting new beginnings.  

To help you gain insight into where to look for these cosmic clues from the stars, I’ve offered some advice below based both on your sun and rising signs. As always, I’ve also curated a cosmic mixtape of songs that were released the last time an eclipse like this occurred or radiated similar vibrations.   


This season will focus on relationships and will ask you to assess your role. It is also a time to set bold intentions for personal growth and authentic projects. 


The focus will be on your spiritual growth and healing. Expect to learn how to harmonise between solitude and socialising or work-life balance. 


You will find yourself evaluating ideas of joy and passionate pursuits, bringing balance to recreation and romance. There will be a focus on friendships and opportunities found within your community. 


Balancing your public and home life will be the focus of this season.  It’ll be a time where you’re evaluating if your professional goals are in alignment with your inner values. 


Express thoughts diplomatically as this eclipse season will highlight how you can improve connections. Embrace exploration and spiritual growth as you may find a way to satisfy your sense of adventure and need for stability. 


Ideas surrounding resources and trust will be highlighted during this season. You will likely gain insight towards how you may balance personal and shared resources and values. 


It is time to embrace and put into motion powerful new projects that align with your authentic self.  Focus on balance, reflecting on your needs versus your partner’s, and strive for harmony through necessary adjustments. 


You will be inclined to focus on spiritual exploration while also balancing your need for solitude with social engagement. This season prompts inner harmony and meaningful connections. 


You will find yourself wanting to prioritise friendships while also assessing your individuality in group dynamics. Expect insights into how to nurture fulfilling relationships and authentic self-expression. 


Career and public image take focus, and you’ll find yourself reflecting on professional aspirations and personal life. This season will motivate you to align ambitions with your overall sense 


You will be compelled to broaden your horizons and connections this season but will need to approach that with balance in mind. Focus on clear communication and approach things with curiosity to foster harmonious relationships.   


There will be a shift of focus onto your intimate relationships and personal resources. You will be asked to confront underlying issues relating to trust and power while balancing growth into deeper relationships that align with your core values.