Start Up Watch, October

Kurtis Thomas

Matt Smith


Most of us are diligent about applying sunscreen before heading out into the sun, but many more of us forget to reapply. The Suncayr team hopes to stop that from ever happening again, and have created a product that changes colour when applied to the skin; and disappears when sunscreen is applied. After a few hours the mark begins to show up again and the wearer knows that they are no longer protected from the sun. A valuable tool for parents and sunshine aficionados alike, Suncayr lets you spend more time enjoying the sun, and less time nursing a burn.


The process of an eye exam has now become commonplace for most of the developed world. However, for many millions of people, the technical and financial investment an exam requires is too great. EyeCheck is working to remove those barriers and ensure everyone has the right to clear eyesight. Using a smartphone app for screening, and a highly specialized EyeCheck camera, optometrists can use the results to determine prescriptions efficiently. EyeCheck breaks down time, distance, and financial barriers on their mission to provide a clear future to everyone.


We’ve all dreamed of ordering a pair of X-ray specs from the back of a comic book, but we’ve also all realized that they exist only in the world of fiction. TeTechS is working on a real world equivalent using terahertz sensor technology. People working in manufacturing can use sensors created by TeTechS to see through opaque objects and barriers to identify layers and defects that would previously be invisible. But that’s not all! The sensors can identify the materials inside a product so that users can know what it’s made of.