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Sexplanations: Holiday Gift Guide

Stacey Jacobs

This holiday season, why not give the gift of pleasure, health and sexy times to the ones we love—and the ones we don’t, but have to buy gifts for?

For the children or teens on your list steer clear of anything considered “sexy times.” Instead, I recommend sexual health books. Reading is important and so is learning about your body. Plus, kids will love these books. Visit Planned Parenthood Waterloo Region’s website to see their long, curated list of age-appropriate books.

For the adults on your list, condoms and lube are tried-and-tested stocking stuffers. Safe and fun, look for ginger-bread flavours and red and green latex to really get into the holiday spirit. If you are buying for a special someone—or someones—try a gift card to your favourite retail sex store, and look forward to making a night of it later: dinner, drinks, sex store, and then home to try your new purchase.

Even if it’s initially uncomfortable, shopping at a sex store can be a fun and novel way to learn about sex, your self, and your partner(s). In a similar vein, play games with your lover(s)! Games are an interesting and entertaining way to deepen understandings about each other and improve relationships along the way.

Also, you can never have too many toys. No matter how much buzz the newest book on Oprah’s list is getting, do not forget about the good ol’ vibrator. Maybe try some anal beads, hand cuffs, or go all out with a sex swing. If you are the crafty sort, decorate a toy box. Your toys will never be more than an arm’s length away, and will have a beautiful home when they’re not playing with you.

Those tight on cash can write—alone or together—erotica, or download some from the Internet and bind it into a book. Homemade, inexpensive and thoughtful!

The romantics in our midst could splurge on spa days or couple massages. Or you can try the latest and greatest: a vagacial—a facial for your vulva.

If none of the above turns you on, stick with that historically appreciated holiday staple: underwear. Whether sexy or practical, (almost everybody) wears bloomers.

Finally, last minute shoppers take heart: oral sex is always a great gift idea.