The Science of Sexuality exhibit at THEMUSEUM explores all the facets of sexuality • HG WATSON EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

The Science of Sexuality exhibit at THEMUSEUM explores all the facets of sexuality • HG WATSON EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

Stacey Jacobs
Community Sexual Health Educator at Planned Parenthood Waterloo, has taught Sexuality classes at the University of Waterloo.

The new Science of Sexuality exhibit at THEMUSEUM tells it like it is.

The content explains sexuality and sexual health in an honest, respectful and positive manner, while giving teens the opportunity to learn about topics such as relationships, dating, birth control, pregnancy, safer sex, desire, orgasm, masturbation, sexual assault, sexual orientation and body image — all topics teens should learn about before venturing into adulthood.

It is rare that teenagers are given the opportunity to learn about, and clarify, their values regarding sex.

They are told they are too young, too immature or too careless for this information.

However, not giving teens this information is careless.

How can a teenager grow into a mature informed adult without it? Research has shown that the more teens know about sexuality, the more likely they are to delay sexual activity and, when they do engage, they are safe about it. This exhibit may help give young people the tools they need to be safe when it comes to sex.

The exhibit was created with teens in mind, but is open to people of all ages. It could be a family outing, leaving you with lots to discuss over dinner.

More representation regarding race, culture, size and gender diversity would have enhanced the exhibit — and everything could have been taken a step further.

In addition to the exhibit, THEMUSEUM is having what they are calling “The Sex Dialogues,” which involves community members with expertise in the area of sexuality, speaking on various topics.

I will be speaking on a panel on Feb. 16 called “Teaching Youth about Sex in the 21st Century,” which will give parents and guardians tips on talking to their teens, as well as explain the importance of having these discussions. Resources will be available for parents and teens at the exhibit and at the “Sex Dialogues.”

And if you weren’t excited enough already, Sue Johanson, popular radio and television personality, will be speaking on Feb. 6 at 7 p.m.

I have seen Sue speak before and she always puts a smile on my face and knowledge in my mind.

This exhibit is a major step in the right direction and every teenager in Waterloo Region should view it, as well as their parents.

The exhibit is open until the end of April, giving everyone ample time to experience the Science of Sexuality.

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