Static Brain is the second single released in June 2023 by the hardcore punk band Bad Egg. The band has been carefully documenting their metamorphosis as they explore new sonic territory of late. They’ve set a course for experimentation, and with that, a mutated brand of surreal punk emerges from their catharsis. Bad Egg has conceived a signature sound by nurturing punk minimalism, evolving into the artful yet chaotic mistress of discordant, post-hardcore. I use the term post-hardcore in a most general effort to describe a most individual sound. Surely this is due to the fact that a proper classification has yet to be coined for Bad Egg.  

Static Brain is a physical experience as much as it is an audial one. Its rhythm can be felt as much as heard from beginning to end. The song begins with a warbled voice sample and environmental drones. The voice at first is indiscernible, yet it speaks to the listener as an eerie guitar loop forms in the background. The loop is composed of effected guitar notes that climb over the disconnected sample.  

“After all, there is nothing real outside our perception of reality, is there?,” the grumbly sample goes on to ask. 

Both sonic and philosophical tones of Static Brain are established in one fell swoop. The reality-defying band kicks in the doors of perception with a crushing breakdown, pounding drums and absolutely heaving vocals. The vocals belt from the ribcage of a pissed-off animal while shrill guitars respond with dissonant communications.  

The guitars slide from chord to chord, picking fast as the drums stake their stomping, mechanical pace.  “Static Brain” is the perfect compliment to Bad Egg’s scathing single, “ACTIVISM™, released in March 2023.  

It’s interesting to hear both of these songs side by side, noting continuity of style and progression. The comparison lends more evidence towards the band’s penchant for individual expression, highlighting their determination to create a cohesive listening experience. Unlike Static Brain,” “ACTIVISM™ is a shrewd critique of political incompetence, urging people to think for themselves.  

Taking jangly, post-punk tone and placing it in a subversive and extreme context, Bad Egg brings forth a characteristically unhinged brand of hardcore to keep listeners engaged. Utilizing effects, samples and noise, their band’s experimental approach has them churning out insanely captivating music. These tracks are serious bangers and have me anticipating a full-length record. 

Genres: Punk, Hardcore, Hardcore Punk, Egg Punk[Text Wrapping Break]Associated Acts: Sourface, Yeah No For Sure, Fatherbodies