New Tune Review: Sundiver

Sundiver is, to put it simply, alt-rock at its finest. For a band that defies genre in practice and in theory, it is difficult to draw comparisons — I recently heard someone describe them as similar to Queens of the Stone Age and you will even hear a bit of CKY in there when you listen close.

True to form, their latest single “Cat in a Box” will have you grasping at straws trying to put a pin in the familiar but fresh sounding cut. The vocal tone has a classic feel to it, while the driving bassline and drum track pull you in from the start. “Cat in a Box” is a front-seat drive from the beginning, and once the guitar jolts in, you are stuck to your seat.

Sundiver is one of those rare bands that’s super heavy but melodic and dreamy all at the same time, and they do a good job of weaving it all together in a way that is catchy and worthy of repeated listens.

While the slick production works miracles in showcasing a group of hardworking and driven musicians who know the sound they’re going for, their real essence is immediately apparent in their energetic live performances.

“Cat in a Box” is the third in a series of monthly singles that Sundiver will be delivering over the next year, following “The Reason and Livid.” These three tracks, as well as their EP “Where the Fire Goes” are all available now on streaming services.

– Kurtis Rideout, local musician, producer and ad manager for WLUSP