New Tune Review: Shy Harry Brings The Blues

ALBUM: Yestermind by Shy Harry


The sound of blues/groove rock has been prominent in the music industry for years, from bands like Fishbone, to the more current Black Keys. Coming out of Cambridge is three-piece band Shy Harry, who also follow this formula. 

Their latest work, Yestermind, was released in October. This well-crafted 12 song package is filled with bluesy, groove infused tracks. 

Songs like ‘Hasn’t Been That Long’ and ‘Never Let Me Fall Away’ begin with a softer intro, then build into a blend of blues and funk, which are staples to the band’s vibe and sound.  The guys kick it up a notch with funky guitar riffs paired with sophisticated chords, amplified by the proficient percussion section.

Other tunes such as ‘Yeats’ and ‘See Me Through’ begin slow with intricate, melodic chords. The soulful, bluesy vocals are presented heavily in these tracks. The subtle harmonies throughout once again show the force, and maturity of the band. Although featured throughout the entire album, the guitar solos performed are reminiscent of rock ballads of the ‘80s and ‘90s — a welcomed theme to the nostalgic ear. 

The album in a whole is a solid piece of work, featuring the musicianship and flair Shy Harry possess without ever sounding forced.

 Right now, you can check out Yestermind on any major steaming service. To catch the guys live, the album launch party is on Nov. 30 at Four Fathers Brewery in Cambridge. Come check out, grab a pint and support your local talent.

– Cameron Hoddle, Local DJ