New Tune Review: Robbie G

ALBUM: Fire by Robbie G 


There has always been a strong love and support for hip-hop in our community. Local artist, Robbie G, from Guelph plans to keep it that way with his latest album Fire, released earlier this year. 

The opening track, “Decade,” hits you hard. The fast paced lyrics speak of his time in the rap game, with no intention of slowing down. Backed by a high hat induced beat, the lead in the track is a solid example of what’s yet to come. 

In the song “Reach My Peak ft. Prada West,” Robbie G raps about the goals he still wishes to reach within his career, while giving props to the city he hails from — Guelph. It’s an insightful tune that will leave the audience fully engaged. 

“Music Is My Lifestyle,” while the title is self-explanatory, delves into his personal trials and triumphs within his music career. It shows his strength as a lyricist, as well a story teller.

The lower toned vocals will bring out nostalgic feelings in all lovers of the golden age of hip-hop. Matching the strong register with a bit of gravel in Robbie G’s voice are comparable to the likes of Rakim or say Canibus.

Having just opened for both Sean Paul and The Wu-Tang Clan within just a two-week time span — two popular artists who recently appeared in Kitchener for two different shows — we may be hearing more about an already established local talent. 

I personally saw Robbie G open for Wu Tang last weekend, and his ability to pump up and engage with the crowd was refreshing and well accomplished. 

You Can check out Robbie G on his YouTube channel, bandcamp and on Facebook. Keep listening and continue to support our local talent.

– Cameron Hoddle, Local DJ 

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