New Tune Review: Lo-Fi Authenticity

I have listened to Duff Thompson’s live performance of “Sleight of Hand” on YouTube more times than I can count. 

The once-local singer-songwriter, now based out of New Orleans, has crafted a distinct blend of lo-fi and acoustic-folk music that predates some of the more recently popular trends in recording and post-production (I’m looking at you, Phoebe Bridgers). 

While Thompson isn’t the first artist to adopt this neo-traditional, analog approach to his recordings, he is certainly miles away from the bandwagon. 

His music feels wholly unique, as though it exists in its own universe. 

The aesthetic appears to be carefully curated. The lyrics are heavy-handed, crafted with a touch of saccharine, tongue planted firmly in cheek. 

Still, despite the strong semblance of carefully contemplated execution, the impression that Thompson leaves is of raw authenticity. 

His first official full-length project, Haywire, will arrive on all platforms Dec. 11.