NEW TUNE REVIEW: through the ether

Fauna’s Claire (2020) is a collection of meditations exploring love, memories and the relationship between nature and electronic music. 

The artist traverses a lush terrain of instrumental plains while expressing emotional complexity through lyrics that read like poems and unsent letters. Ethereal melodies invoke visions of pristine, natural scenery that tempt the listener with a dreamy respite.

A swarm of chirping crickets envelops your circuitry as kick drums land before a resounding drone. Claire reveals the artifacts of a fabled romance, professing affections through subconscious hums that allay the storm clouds above from falling too suddenly. Microphones scratch the sonic landscape of crescendos and cyclical rhythms. A bashful guitar sheds doubt of apprehension as notes take flight against a surging polyphony. Pulsing arpeggiation anchors the fault line between sand-strung violins and field recordings in which snapped twigs are hushed into the depths of silence. Claire allows a distorted transmission to flow through the ether while silicon boards lay zapping at the mouth of a great bog.

Those attuned to clairvoyant frequencies may intercept the psychic murmur of mushrooms as they bounce from rubber bands tied between fern stalks. Their thumping bass may find the depths of your ears, warming your perception to an invisible place where poetry is sung to no one in particular.

Claire is honest, fierce and resolute to leave its mark. Resting at the point where experimentation and composition coalesce, it will remain a noteworthy offering in Fauna’s discography. 

Genres: electronic, pop, ambient, minimalism, organica, nature sounds

Associated Acts: Hungry For Vladimir, Beatrix

Starting this issue, the New Tune Review column will be taken over by H. Tooth. Mr. Tooth is a local visual artist and local musician.