New Tune Review: Dreamy Synth Pop

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Wow. Sitting here in my basement apartment wondering why I haven’t written the New Tune Review about Kitzl. 

Getting ahead of the hyper-pop wave with dreamy-synth production and ethereal, effect-drenched vocals, the most surprising thing about the young Guelph-based artist is the fact that she sounds equally amazing live. 

With so much post-production involved in the modern processes of music production, it’s easy to hear an artist of Kitzl’s calibre and write off some of the majesty as studio magic, but having witnessed her perform live a few times I can tell you she hasn’t yet released a song that doesn’t sound equally eloquent in a live setting. 

If you don’t believe me, check out her latest live-stream set for Guelph-based fest, Bumaroo. If you are interested in dimming the lights and getting lost in some trippy visual productions, please do yourself a favour and head over to her Facebook page and check out some of her recent live performances. 

In our new post-pop world, where the Washington Post described a 100 Gecs concert as feeling “unpredictable in the worst way”, it’s incredibly refreshing to see an artist take pride in their integrity as a performer as well as a young musician pushing the bounds of the pop genre. 

Fans of Rina Sawayama and the aforementioned 100 Gecs should do themselves a favour and check out Kitzl’s most recent release, “freeze, flight, fight” on Bandcamp and brace themselves for whatever masterpiece is surely to come next.

– Kurtis Rideout, local musician, producer and ad manager for WLUSP