In  March 2022, Dana Sonic released nine tracks  over 27 days. Dana Sonic defies the tradition and subsequent rigidity of album releases by giving us hot-off-the-press interludes, dream sequences, pop-art odes and cinematic cartoon music. As experienced through the eyes of all manner of living creatures, Dana Sonic brings wonderfully airy soundtracks to life. 

“Jumping Off the Swing” opens with aquatic synthesizers, lush and dreamy. An intentionally broken and artfully repaired programmed drum warms our unsuspecting ears to a potentially electronic soundscape before a deliberate, post-surf guitar riff changes the course of the song’s waves.  

A simple track lends listeners awareness to the artist’s eclectic influences as “Map Turtle” begins. A swiping dial tone emits curious and robotic energy as swooping bass linese enter. 

A programmed drum plays over the highs and lows of a musical conversation between bass and synth. They are intertwined in a discerning dance of culmination.  

A cover of Coldplay’s “Green Eyes” serves as the genre breaker of Sonic’s collection of late pandemic offerings. It is clear that this song means something to the artist as it is deeply and intimately honoured.   

“Danté” is a studioesque, jazz interlude using keyboard samples as vocalizations over a fast break-beat and choppy electric piano chords before the dub-tinged, dream pop song entitled “Tall Birds” quake the speakers with massive bass lines and deep drum kick hits. A trap style snare punctuates the chiming synthesizers and sliding bass. The track dissipates into a sleepy break before dying off with a gentle hum.  

“Sun Up / Sun Down” is a west-coast chill-pop demo track left on the disorderly desk of a radio DJ. A soap opera organ meets a broken drum-beat as a funk-driven bass line begs to solo. Gears shift into a modern and euphoric dance-band track as plucking guitars bring a two-faced melody to the forefront as bass and drums serve as foundational installations.  

“Quixotic Wash” enters with powerful synth leads and jam-band drums before the curious, otherworldly charm of “Spotlight On” takes us on a progressive-rock journey. 

 “Aquariyum” carries a delicate theme over a sparse soundscape of warbling squeaks and low bass. Its signature drums lay bare the line between modern jazz and mystery-funk.  

Dana Sonic’s month-long slow drip comes to its conclusion, leaving us wanting more. 

Genres: Pop, Electronic, Rock, Dance 

Associated Acts: Hungry for Vladimir, Blankie