New Tune Review: Block Parent

Don’t get me wrong…I hate pop punk bands as much as the next person, but if you have a soft spot for anything that could be considered skate punk-adjacent, this one’s for you. The band in question is Block Parent, and they’ve just served up a strong dose of post-Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater nostalgia via their new LP, Sick Year Bro.

Though one might consider them to be pop punk, Block Parent does not represent the whiny, weirdly-old-to-be-crying-about-a-breakup-that-happened-in-high-school type of pop punk band I have been subjected to at numerous local shows. I insist that they are the 90’s Green Day, early Blink-182, Jawbreaker-esque type of pop punk band.

Sick Year, Bro is one-part tongue-in-cheek nod to the sick year we’ve had, a thousand parts poo-poo jokes and something just short of your recommended yearly dose of Cambridge, ON.

If you like that little weird bass-fill in the song When I Come Around by Green Day, you will probably fuck with this album.

Out now via Glue Gun Records.

No more punk in this column after this month. Promise. 


Kurtis Rideout, local musician, producer and ad manager for WLUSP