New Tune Review: A Real Bad Egg

You know those performances that just stick with you? The kind that leave an everlasting impression across the vast emotional spectrum, from vitriol to pure sonic bliss?

Well, one time I saw Bad Egg at a family-friendly event, Punk Rock Flea Market at Chainsaw to be specific, and all of the children in the room covered their ears and shied away in horror.

To describe the music of the KW-based hardcore punk band as abrasive is an understatement, but it’s also likely a welcomed adjective in the eyes of the band. Their music won’t part the red sea, but it will definitely part the pit once singer Stacie Jones inevitably walks off stage and into the crowd in front of her.

Having dropped an eponymous demo earlier this year, and more recently, an EP titled Serotonin Flush #10301985, Bad Egg are an act that commands attention.

Wherever they play, there is sure to be a sweltering mosh pit in tow, as they tend bring out the best of the best in all fans of powerviolence and hardcore punk music.

With seven songs coming in at just under seven minutes, Serotonin Flush sees the band staying true to form as their intensity is matched only in transience.

For optimal listening experience, play on a loud volume and don’t skip any tracks.

Catch them on Nov. 9 at Jimmy Jazz in Guelph where they will open up for Cambridge death metal band Disgust.

Kurtis Rideout, local musician, producer and ad manager for WLUSP