Yoga has ancient roots but has evolved and spread over time. Power Yoga is a fast-paced cardiovascular workout focused on building strength and flexibility in the body through high-impact yoga postures. Power Yoga Canada, founded in 2009, is a franchise-based yoga studio that offers a signature style of vinyasa-based flows in a heated room.  

Kristina and Antonia Pancevski, opened the Kitchener-Waterloo studio of Power Yoga Canada in spring this year. Kristina is also the owner of Power Yoga Guelph.  

Power yoga, a dynamic and vigorous form of yoga, resonated deeply with both Kristina and Antonia. They were drawn to its transformative qualities and its ability to cultivate strength, flexibility, and mental resilience. In addition, the energy that both Kristina and Antonia bring attracts diverse students to the studio.  

“Antonia’s youthful and playful nature complements my motherly and nurturing energy. Together, we create a harmonious balance that allows students to feel supported and encouraged on their yoga journey,” Kristina said.  

When entering the hot studio, the energy is palpable and practitioners are welcomed with open arms. This shared energy creates a vibrant and supportive environment where everyone feels valued.  

Through their respective journeys, they discovered that Power Yoga went beyond physical exercise—it became a powerful tool for healing, both physically and mentally.  

“Although we may have different perspectives at times, we have developed a strong sense of trust and open communication. We value each other’s input and are willing to listen and consider different ideas. If we ever have differences, we talk them out and find a common ground. Our shared passion for yoga and our commitment to creating a welcoming space for our students override any potential differences.”  

For Kristina Pancevski, the journey into yoga began in 2014 when she attended a deep flow class in Canada. The sense of community and the transformative power of yoga captivated her, leading her to immerse herself fully in the practice. What started as a personal endeavor soon evolved into a calling to bring the profound benefits of yoga to the community.  

Kristina also found solace in Yoga during her battle with postpartum depression. After 19 years of relying on medication, she was able to find a path to wellness and healing through practice. Yoga became a vehicle for self-inquiry, helping her establish a deeper spiritual connection and discover inner strength she never knew she possessed.  

“I get to practice yoga every day; I get my meditation done in the morning. I also teach almost every day. I make sure to deliver my class with passion. I give my people my energy,” Kristina said.  

Antonia Pancevski, Kristina’s daughter, discovered her love for yoga when she was 17 and looking for a way to remain active and healthy after years of involvement in competitive sports. Her mother’s encouragement and the vibrant yoga community drew her in, offering a sanctuary away from the conventional gym culture.  

Yoga became a place to connect with others, find mental clarity, and explore personal growth. Antonia developed her self-confidence and, as she was helping her mother in the Power Yoga Guelph student, eventually became a teacher.  

“I needed a little bit of a push just because I was nervous to speak in front of people,” she said.  

“I knew the physical benefits of yoga and that you always get mental clarity because of the breath and all of that kind of stuff. But I think diving a little deeper for me was nerve wracking. Teacher training just opened it all up and opened up the world of yoga to me and that’s when she asked me if I want to do this (start a yoga studio),” Antonia said.  

For both Kristina and Antonia, yoga is not limited to the confines of a studio or a business venture. It has become an integral part of their daily lives. Every day, they make time for personal practice, ensuring they nourish their bodies, minds, and spirits.  

The principles of Yamas and Niyamas, which encompass moral and ethical guidelines conveyed by the Sage Patanjali, serve as compasses for their actions and interactions with others. Kindness, compassion, and authenticity infuse their everyday lives.  

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