The Community Edition snapped a lot of scenes in KW this year. While we couldn’t get it all, we chose some of our favourites to recap 2014 in Waterloo Region. By Allison Leonard, EIC. Photos by Matt Smith, photo editor.

10689819_375752642585218_8197436607775496979_n2014 marks a ground breaking decision to break ground for new transit in Waterloo Region. ION construction is now well underway.10891662_381098298717319_5354912712783994861_n (1) Wild weather graced the Region all year, from the first winter power outage to heat-breaking summer storms. This lightning snap was taken of the downtown Kitchener skyline from atop a parking garage.


Big Music Fest draws an even bigger crowd. The McLennan Park summer music festival recently disclosed their $7 million in economic impact.10425403_379656918861457_7665147603510662127_n

Canada Day celebrations host music, food trucks and fireworks in downtown Kitchener, encouraging one of many pedestrian takeovers in the core.10868129_374452169381932_7238091894219323079_n

Cruisin’ on King, an annual vintage car show brings memories of old to Waterloo Region’s main drag.1908481_380934368733712_2499735932238714214_n

Following the October 22 Parliament Hill shooting, a candlelit memorial is sparked at the cenotaph.10444585_379656915528124_3021941557599182246_n

The King StrEATery food truck festival draws crowds and vendors from across the city and levels the playing field for food scene in WR.

Night\Shift attendees take in the moon landing animation at the second annual nocturnal art party in downtown Kitchener.10419602_374452159381933_4101638852005616317_n

Berry Vrbanovic enjoys a celebratory squeeze at McCabe’s after being elected Kitchener’s first new mayor in 16 years. For more reflections on #WRVotes, check out our all-day electoral live tweeting.10432547_379656908861458_9143995754034460607_n Golden Hawk football players await the results of a coin flip at Laurier homecoming.10423948_374452149381934_6053859799547000278_n


The Community Edition hosts Steel Rails Sessions for the second year in a row. Plans for this year’s moving art party are well underway. Want to know more? Check out our narrative account or email our EIC, allison.leonard(at) to find out how you can take part.10885251_379656962194786_287425097922821416_nCranes become a normalized part of the Kitchener skyline as condominiums are developed in the core.


Allison is a journalist in Kitchener-Waterloo, and former editor-in-chief of the Community Edition.