Editor’s Note: Saying Hello

Hello, dear readers! 

My name is Harleen and I am the new Editor in Chief of The Community Edition (TCE). I have lived in Kitchener for the last 10 years—I have grown up here and studied here and found people that I love here. So this is my way of serving the community that has served me so well. 

When I came here, I was one of two Brown students in my class—a fact my fellow students never let me forget. From my food to the oil in my hair to the slight remnants of my accent, everything was absolutely hilarious to them. Still, I found friends with whom I am connected to this day. These are the people that have remained with me, that have supported me, that have wanted to see me succeed. In turn, I want to see more people in this community succeed and let their stories be known. 

As we move forward, I would like to reiterate that TCE is a platform for your voices. I and the rest of the TCE team are here to facilitate your stories, to make sure you can speak your mind in the clearest way. I am a good writer and an even better editor, please allow my technical skills to aid your storytelling. I want to extend our coverage more to the parts of our community so often dismissed or unheard. This includes all the non-white communities, the newcomers, the queer community and older adults, among others. I also want to extend that invitation to every one of you: if you have a story you want to tell the region about, we want to help you tell it. 

I hope that you will continue connecting with TCE and please forgive any mistakes I may have made.